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BizReport | Advertising December 10, 2014

ANA: Bot fraud gobbling up online budgets

Analysis of 181 campaigns, accounting for 5.5 billion impressions across 3 million domains from 36 Association of National Advertisers member firms reveals that a significant chunk of ads are being served to bots, costing marketers billions. ... >>

BizReport | Advertising September 24, 2014

Study reveals high level of fraudulent traffic in CPG vertical

As CPG advertisers increase spending on mobile, so fraudsters are following the money, according to new research from Solve Media which shows mobile bot traffic increasing in this vertical.... >>

BizReport | Advertising May 29, 2014

Rocket Fuel responds to Mercedes-Benz ad fraud figures

Mercedes-Benz is the latest big brand to fall victim to online fraud with over half of a sample of ad impressions deemed to be viewed by advertising botnets, according to the Financial Times, a figure that Rocket Fuel, who brokered... >>

BizReport | Internet January 31, 2014

Botnets to steal $11.6 billion from advertising budgets in 2014

Billions of dollars in advertising budgets could be wasted in 2014 due to the proliferation of botnets, according to new survey findings from Solve Media.... >>

BizReport | Advertising December 31, 2013

Report: 55 million visitors verified as human

Most people who log on to websites are human; at least, that is what most businesses think. In truth, there is a growing number of bots and botnets which log on to sites or publisher pages fraudulently. One startup is... >>