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BizReport | Advertising archives August 17, 2012

Study: We're creatures of habit, even with options

There may be different restaurants and stores on every corner, but a new study shows we humans are creatures of habit. Even with multiple choices. JiWire has unveiled the Location Graph which correlates behaviors with location to create an anonymous... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing July 18, 2012

Clear mobile privacy policies key to fostering consumer trust

Research into mobile privacy perceptions has found that, while consumers are more aware today than ever before of behavioral targeting, they don't yet trust or like it. Transparency, education and providing clear and easy-to-read mobile privacy policies will help build... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives March 30, 2012

Yahoo's implementation of Do Not Track begins

Yahoo has announced it will soon complete deployment of a "Do Not Track" solution across its entire network to allow visitors to choose if they want their online activity tracked for ad targeting purposes.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives April 10, 2011

Yahoo study connects relevance to advertising

We all know that targeting ads to specific consumers is a better option than randomly buying a run-of-network media purchase from an online publisher or video website. But if you think all targeting methods are equal, think again. Consumers are... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives February 01, 2011

DMA enforces Advertising Option Icon program

Having spent the last few months educating businesses about their Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising, the DMA has today announced it will now begin monitoring and enforcing their members' interest-based advertising efforts. Their tough-talking announcement threatens to expose any... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives January 21, 2011

Brands: What the FTC targeting decision could mean

A recent Gallup poll found that more than two-thirds (67%) of American consumers are uncomfortable with the behavioral targeting options used by brands. That, along with news that the FTC is looking into how ads are targeted and the type... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives December 22, 2010

Web users say targeted advertising not justified

As discussion surrounding Do Not Track and behaviorally targeted ads continues, new research has surfaced that shows most consumers don't think targeted advertising is justified, even if they do get free access to content in return.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives December 21, 2010

Most consumers choose not to opt-out of behavioral targeting

Marketers who feared opt-out icons on targeted advertising would lead to a mass uptake can relax. Recent analysis has shown that, when given the option to opt-out of behavioral tracking, many consumers don't bother. ... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives September 15, 2010

AppNexus taps Peer39 for semantic targeting

Add semantic targeting options to the AppNexus real time advertising platform. The company has tapped Peer39 for semantic technology and will integrate their targeting technology into the AppNexus platform. According to Peer39 their semantic targeting technology is currently out performing... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives August 02, 2010

Report: Marketers adopting new targeting options

With the number of advertisers in the online space and the number of publisher/content options it is no wonder that audience targeting is taking off like never before. A recent survey from AudienceScience indicates that more than three-quarters of marketers... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives July 08, 2010

Report: Consumers want options in advertising

Many insiders in the newspaper industry poo-poo the idea of paywalls or pay-for-content models. A new report from Preference Central agrees with these pundits, but does show areas of hope within the newspaper/content segment. Particularly with advertising. According to the... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives June 14, 2010

Zogby: Behavioral targeting in public consciousness in a bad way

No one wants to think they're being watched by Big Brother, and that is exactly how many consumers see behaviorally targeted advertising. According to a recent Zogy poll more than 80% of US consumers believe behaviorally targeting ads is 'an... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives May 21, 2010

Small changes to privacy regs could have big impact

Two marketing professors in North America have completed a new study which indicates that even a small changes to privacy regulations could have a big impact on advertising effectiveness. They compared ad targeting in Europe, where online privacy is much... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives May 12, 2010

Resonate launches attitudinal targeting solution

A new targeting solution arrives today from Resonate Networks, this time designed to target consumers according to their beliefs. The platform is designed to help brands or organizations identify and then recruit consumers to become activists, donors or volunteers. Allowing... >>

BizReport | Research archives April 14, 2010

Report: 7% of devices delete flash cookies

New research out from Scout Analytics indicates that as much as 7% of devices are deleting flash cookies. What does it matter? It's another indicator that consumers are being proactive in the protection of their privacy online. The news comes... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives April 08, 2010

Study: Behavioral targeting doubles campaign revenue

When it comes to targeting, a recent study from The Network Advertising Initiative indicates behavioral targeting may be the biggest impactor. According to the study behaviorally targeted ads (served in 2009) gave marketers more than twice the revenue per ad... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives December 08, 2009

Zedo, eXelate partner for behavioral targeting

Advertising server Zedo, Inc. has tapped behavioral ad firm eXelate for an improved behavioral targeting platform. The partnership will give Zedo ad customers the ability to tap into the behavioral targeting data which eXelate has compiled.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives December 04, 2009

Ad targeting: IAB launches their first-ever consumer education campaign

Last year, research discovered that consumers found ad targeting "creepy". This week, the Interactive Advertising Bureau launched its first-ever campaign aimed at the public to educate consumers about the workings and benefits of targeted online advertising.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives November 11, 2009

Survey: UK consumers don't mind being watched

When it comes to personalized ads, nearly three-quarters of UK consumers admit they don't mind Big Brother-type entities watching them. According to a recent survey from SDL Tridion, 74% of these consumers not only don't mind when businesses mine their... >>

BizReport | Law & Regulation October 16, 2009

U.K. and U.S. to scrutinize behavioral and price targeting

Officials in the U.K. and across the pond in the U.S. are investigating whether or not behavioral advertising and individually-targeted prices on the Internet violate the rights of consumers.... >>

BizReport | Research archives October 05, 2009

Study: All ages concerned with privacy issues

When it comes to private information it isn't only Boomers and Seniors who have concerns. Contrary to popular belief, the younger generations are also concerned about their private information - despite the fact that most have always used computers and... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives September 30, 2009

New study finds Americans reject tailored advertising

Consumers simply don't like being tracked online, and the more they know about how they're being tracked the less they like it. Such are the findings of a study, released today, by the universities of Pennsylvania and California, Berkeley. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing September 17, 2009

Microsoft launches behavioral targeting for mobile ads

Buyers of Microsoft's mobile display ad inventory are now able to take advantage of behavioral targeting tools similar to those already available to buyers of online inventory.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives August 18, 2009

YuMe video ad network revs up behavioral targeting capabilities

A U.S.-based online video advertising platform is using advanced video tagging technology to enhance the behavioral targeting capability of its advertisers.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives June 12, 2009

Fetchback offers opt-out with behavioral ads

Advertising retargeter FetchBack is offering something a bit new - opt-out options. Starting this week Fetchback began adding links in display ads which allow consumers to opt-out, much like email marketers have been doing for years. ... >>

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