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BizReport | Law & Regulation October 16, 2009

U.K. and U.S. to scrutinize behavioral and price targeting

Officials in the U.K. and across the pond in the U.S. are investigating whether or not behavioral advertising and individually-targeted prices on the Internet violate the rights of consumers.... >>

BizReport | Advertising May 29, 2008

Privacy concerns may stunt online ad growth

Anxiety about privacy could stunt the growth of Internet advertising as consumers and regulators continue to learn more about behavioral tracking.... >>

BizReport | Advertising November 01, 2007

AOL gives users behavioral targeting lesson

AOL expands on Tacoda's existing online campaign to educate their users on the use of behavioral targeting in advertising, and the benefits associated with it. ... >>

BizReport | Advertising October 31, 2007

Privacy advocates call for do-not-track list

Consumer-privacy advocates are holding a press conference tomorrow, just two days before the Federal Trade Commission holds a workshop dedicated to ad targeting and Internet privacy. ... >>

BizReport | Research September 13, 2007

Behavioral advertising attracts more consumer attention

Behavioral targeting is more effective than contextual advertising, according to new study by Revenue Science.... >>