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BizReport | Mobile Marketing July 24, 2012

Marketers disappoint consumers with dull QR Code experiences

QR Codes haven't quite hit the marketing big-time but is that because consumers aren't interested or because marketers aren't providing the experience mobile consumers expect?... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives December 07, 2011

Folloyu uses QR Codes to address online content abandonment

Today consumers divide their online time between a multitude of devices and the challenge to marketers is how to keep them engaged even when they need to switch to another device. New start-up Folloyu has an interesting "continuous browsing" solution... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing July 22, 2011

ScanLife's barcode scan processing numbers soar

Mobile barcode firm ScanLife reveals it's now processing more than one barcode scan per second. One year ago it was processing just 10 per minute. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing May 10, 2011

Mobio: 4549% YoY rise in QR code scanning

No, that's not a typo, it really is 4549%, according to Mobio's latest comprehensive report on QR code adoption and use in North America aptly named the 'Whiplash' edition.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing April 14, 2011

Mobile trends: 2D barcodes more popular than 1D

More consumers are brandishing smartphones than ever before and, it seems, more consumers than ever before are using them to scan barcodes. Scanning of 2D barcodes, such as QR Codes, has overtaken scanning of 1D barcodes for the first time... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing December 28, 2010

Is barcode scanning going mainstream?

If a new poll, conducted via Twitter by Scanbuy, is on-target then yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause and he just might have been mobile barcode scanning on his trip around the world last week. Santa barcode scanning? With... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing September 30, 2010

ScanLife: 700% increase in barcode scanning

If you think the only mobile scans of interest are of the cut-and-clip coupon variety, think again. Over the past year more and more digital barcodes, both coupon form and product information form, have been scanned - meaning used from... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives April 14, 2009

Even recession can't stop impulse purchases

Despite the recession and an increase in making shopping lists to help them stick to a budget, some consumers can't quell the urge to make impulse purchases, according to a new report from retail consulting firm Miller Zell.... >>