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BizReport | Advertising May 19, 2014

Study: Local hot for auto advertisers

Location based targeting is hot for auto advertisers. According to new data out from Verve last year only 5% of Tier 1 auto advertisers used location based targeting but for this report 22% of Tier 1 auto campaigns used location... >>

BizReport | Research November 02, 2009

Hyper-local platform drives retail sales online

A new platform from Goodway Group's online advertising network Beep! Automotive is having an interesting impact on local advertising. The platform, called Direct2Dealer, uses cross-channel advertising to engage and convert consumers. The platform gives local marketers the ability to target... >>

BizReport | Research September 11, 2009

PointRoll: Auto advertisers need rich media

Auto makers and automotive dealers have been some of the hardest hit during the recession in the US and around the world. A new report from PointRoll could be a help to advertisers still struggling to engage and convert consumers.... >>