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BizReport | Advertising August 23, 2010

Older Internet users less likely to tolerate ads

New research from digital research firm Connect Insight appears to show that the older the Internet user, the less likely they are to engage with online advertising.... >>

BizReport | Research October 28, 2008

Viacom study redefines youth

Marketers need to take another look at who they're defining as their youth market, according to Viacom Brand Solutions International (VBSI), as people strive to stay younger for longer by continuing the pursuits of their younger years.... >>

BizReport | Research November 19, 2007

Optimize websites for choosy Christmas shoppers

Online shoppers are looking for more than the average online storefront, found a recent survey of U.S. adult Internet users. The shopper's age and the website features offered may influence their decision to buy.... >>