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BizReport | Advertising June 24, 2013

Centro release Brand Exchange

The Centro Brand Exchange is rolling out multi-screen ad options, including tablet and mobile inventory and opening their inventory for DSPs and agency desks. Meanwhile, the platform is getting solid reviews from Trust Metrics, a provider of digital measurement standards.... >>

BizReport | Advertising June 24, 2013

Report: CMOs not equipped to push customer experience

When it comes to customer experience most CMOs are tapped to ensure the experience is high or that customers are satisfied, but new data out from The CMO Club and Neolane finds these same people aren't necessarily equipped to provide... >>

BizReport | Advertising June 20, 2013

Jivox, vSplash push interactivity with platforms

Two established online platforms are pushing the interactivity boundaries, with native ad content options and actionable data insights.... >>

BizReport | Advertising June 14, 2013

Enhanced data, engagement behind 3 new releases

This week Ooma, myThings and Acquisio have announced new partnerships and integrations set to give online businesses great reach across their customer spectrum.... >>

BizReport | Advertising May 28, 2013

Nimble update signals important contacts

Nimble is releasing new tools set up to give businesses more insight into customer leads. Nimble 3.0 is being called a relationship manager, offering businesses more developed connections and handing them information about leads that should help to build deeper... >>

BizReport | Advertising April 05, 2013

Reports: Real time bidding is pushing the ad envelope

Two ad platforms are reporting substantial growth thanks to real time bidding. RTB options give brands more control over how ads are served to consumers in the online space. Both Jumptap and Rocket Fuel platforms have shown strong growth with... >>

BizReport | Advertising February 15, 2013

Study: Which channels will create high returns for your brand

Wondering which platforms might be the best options to reach consumers without breaking the advertising bank? A new report out from Aggregate Knowledge breaks down, on a global scale, how different platforms are working for marketers. The results may surprise... >>

BizReport | Advertising February 15, 2013

Brands: How to improve your Super Bowl ROI

In 2013, the cost of a :30 second video spot during the Super Bowl started at $4 million. A hefty sum for any sized business, and one that keeps many brands away from big event advertising. One expert explains why... >>

BizReport | Advertising February 11, 2013

How native ads are changing the online space

With more consumers going online from more places, there is a growing demand for content. Ad content, entertainment content and news content are leading the way. Along with a new type of ad - a native ad, which acts as... >>

BizReport | Advertising February 08, 2013

3 Questions with Jivox's Diaz Nesamoney

2012 showed brands how they needed to change to remain relevant with consumers. From creating an immersive social profile to offering additional content through 'traditional' advertising. Diaz Nesamoney weighs in on those trends - and how they may change in... >>

BizReport | Advertising January 09, 2013

Top 3 trends for SMBs through 2013

Constant Contact has release a listing of their top trends for small businesses through 2013 - chief among them better integration between mobile, email and social. Read on for details:... >>

BizReport | Advertising January 07, 2013

How Native ads will change 2013 business

Native advertising is getting more buzz as brands look for better ways to engage. Native advertising, in a nutshell, is content that contains a branded message and integrates with websites indigenous news feeds/streams. This kind of advertising helps to create... >>

BizReport | Trends & Ideas January 01, 2013

Top 3 things to watch in 2013

Predictions and forecasts are making the rounds around the Interwebz this holiday week. While some are prediction massive ad changes, one think tank believes social will be the biggest changing factor we'll see in 2013.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce December 27, 2012

J2 Global: Why small businesses need connections for 2013

As the New Year's countdown continues, brands are beginning to look away from holiday sales and toward finalizing plans for 2013. For smaller businesses, j2 Global predicts 2013 will be all about connections through mobile and social. ... >>

BizReport | Advertising December 18, 2012

DemandBase: Study shows gap between strategy, ad budgets

A new study out from DemandBase and Ziff Davis highlights the gap between brand strategy and ad budgets. Of interest less than half of respondents are targeting based on industry vertical, although they 'know' that should be a priority.... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing December 11, 2012

StrongMail makes 2013 ad predictions

While most of the consumer base is still finishing holiday shopping lists and baking sweets for holiday parties, most businesses have their focus on 2013 - adjusting advertising budgets, making plans for campaigns and looking at new advertising avenues. A... >>

BizReport | Advertising December 10, 2012

Study: Platform engages consumers at the tank

While a growing number of consumers are moving online to stay current with news or shop, those consumers aren't necessarily engaging with ads while in the online space. This demo is also largely unreachable through television or other 'traditional' methods.... >>

BizReport | Advertising November 29, 2012

AdSafe Media rebrands, releases new tools

There is a new name in the online space, but that name is back by a familiar face. Today AdSafe Media is rebranding to become Integral Ad Science - and releasing a new suite of tools to help brands score... >>

BizReport | Advertising November 28, 2012

Report: Retailer spending up over Thanksgiving weekend

It wasn't just shopper spending more over the Thanksgiving weekend. According to new data from Marin Software retailers upped their ad spending over the holiday weekend, hoping to draw more shoppers online and in-store. ... >>

BizReport | Research November 27, 2012

Report: SMBs watching economy closely

When it comes to the immediate future, small businesses say they're cautious about how they'll spend marketing dollars. According to a new report out from The Local Corporation 92% of SMBs say they are influenced by the national economy -... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing November 19, 2012

Survey: Businesses pushing social

Digital brands are looking for more ways to stay relevant with an ever sifting customer base. For many this means testing new options in the digital space. It also means changing how money is spent in the digital ad space.... >>

BizReport | Advertising November 06, 2012

MediaBrix: Identify ads as ads, not content

In the new Internet landscape some brands are experimenting with content-based advertising. This isn't a bad thing in itself, but according to a new MediaBrix survey ads that look like content and aren't identified as ads can damage a brand's... >>

BizReport | Advertising November 05, 2012

BIA/Kelsey: Local biz focusing efforts online

Local businesses aren't counting out the effect of online shopping and advertising in their quest for increased revenue. In fact, the latest Local Commerce Monitor report, out now from BIA/Kelsey, finds small and local businesses are focusing more attention -... >>

BizReport | Advertising October 10, 2012

Forecast: RTB spending to increase significantly

Look for more spending on real time bidding (RTB) inventory in the coming months. That according to new data from Index Platform and Casale Media. However, even with more interest in RTB ad buyers say they want more control over... >>

BizReport | Advertising September 04, 2012

OOH advertising reaches $3.5b through Q2 2012

Out of Home (OOH) advertising spending continues to increase according to numbers from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. Their latest numbers have the OOH spend at $3.5 billion through Q1 and Q2 of 2012, with Q2 increasing just over... >>

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