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BizReport | Advertising June 19, 2017

More than decade later, people still don't like ads

A new survey by Nielsen Norman Group has found that little has changed in the past decade with regard to people's views on digital ad formats. People still don't like them. ... >>

BizReport | Advertising June 30, 2010

YouTube pre-roll ad "skip button" test a success, launching soon

If you're producing or using online video ads then you better make sure they're engaging. Google's testing of a "skip" button in pre-roll ads has been a success and plans are afoot to roll out the format later this year.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing May 19, 2009

Brightkite: Mobile users exposed to more ad formats

Over a third of US mobile phone owners recalled seeing ads on their cell phones in Q1 2009. However, users of smartphones, such as the iPhone, had a higher recollection of ads, according to new research from Brightkite and GfK... >>

BizReport | Advertising July 28, 2008

European radio social site launches smart ads

Music social network is giving advertisers the ability to create ads that can interact with the music a site visitor is listening to and serve up relevant music-related content tailored around their musical tastes.... >>

BizReport | Advertising July 24, 2008

Intrusive ads (still) annoy consumers

Did we really need more research to tell us that intrusive ads annoy consumers? Well, it seems some marketers missed a meeting in the late 1990’s and need to be taught a lesson in subtlety. To that end, I've devised... >>

BizReport | Advertising July 03, 2008

IAB releases revised ad unit and rich media guidelines

It’s time to debrief the production and creative teams – the Interactive Advertising Bureau has released revised ad unit and rich media guidelines.... >>

BizReport | Research November 18, 2007

Video ads go from novel to annoying

Is the novelty of video advertisements wearing off? It would appear so, according to recent research that ranks video advertisements second only to annoying ad formats such as pop-ups.... >>