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BizReport | Advertising December 31, 2013

Report: 55 million visitors verified as human

Most people who log on to websites are human; at least, that is what most businesses think. In truth, there is a growing number of bots and botnets which log on to sites or publisher pages fraudulently. One startup is... >>

BizReport | Advertising July 12, 2012

MediaMind, ADagoo integration offers verification

Starting today ADagoo will integrate their verification and reporting models within the MediaMind platform, giving advertisers greater insight into where and when ads are placed around the Web. The integration will give advertisers metrics to the page level, helping to... >>

BizReport | Advertising June 01, 2012

4 Questions with DoubleVerify's Oren Netzer

Recently DoubleVerify released the Trust Index. Among the findings - more businesses are verifying campaigns, ensuring their ads are seen by the right traffic. I recently chatted with DoubleVerify CEO Oren Netzer about the Trust Index.... >>

BizReport | Advertising March 15, 2011

DoubleVerify to verify ads in Google Display Network

Here's a first for Google: the online giant is allowing advertising inventory purchased through the DoubleClick Ad Exchange to verified by a third party. DoubleVerify will provide the third party verification for the ad units; this should help to make... >>

BizReport | Advertising December 13, 2010

Mpire: 80% agree ad verification good for industry

In a bid to ensure their ad campaigns are seen by the right people in the right places, many companies are employing ad verification technology. How many? Seventy-percent, according to a new poll from Mpire.... >>

BizReport | Advertising February 26, 2010

Click Forensics beta-launches display ad verification platform

There is another tool for marketers to add to their campaign arsenal. Today online ad verification solution Click Forensics is launching a new platform, Display Ad Verification, in beta. The platform filters audience impressions and advertising serving information in real... >>