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BizReport | Social Marketing August 23, 2012

Social releases to ease the way for marketers

Two new releases in the social space are set up to help marketing teams better adapt to the social space. One will help with transitions from campaign creation to analysis while the other will release a marketing suite to brands... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing August 07, 2012

How active social media fans impact brands

Over the past week we've written about how fans are engaging with Olympic athletes and the games in general through social media. New data out from Wildfire may help brands quantify just how the interest of these social media fans... >>

BizReport | Research archives August 06, 2012

Olympic athletes pulling in Olympic numbers through social media

Some are calling the 2012 Olympic Games the Games when the digital world took over. New data out from Compass Labs and Wildfire, though, put a bigger focus on the 2012 Olympic Games. Not only are the Games digital, but... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives June 21, 2012

Roundup: Wildfire, Monetate, LinkedIn releases to push global engagement

As consumers across the globe look online for brand information, content and social experiences, three brands are increasing the way advertisers and brands can engage with that customer base.... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing May 17, 2012

Wildfire study reveals best type of social campaign

With Facebook's IPO on the near horizon pundits are wondering what's next for the social network - some going so far as to predict a clunker in the near future because Facebook isn't quite ready for primetime from an advertiser... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing May 14, 2012

Forecast: Social ads to push 50% ad budgets by year's end?

In light of Facebook's expected IPO later this week, so industry insiders are pontificating on what could be next for The Social Network - and other social networks - as more consumers becoming connected to and continue relying on social... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing February 28, 2012

Wildfire, Adaptly partner for social marketing solution

As the social media space opens to advertising brands are looking for ways to optimize the experience. A new solution from Wildfire and Adaptly could be one answer to the problem of engaging consumers within the social space. Through the... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives January 30, 2012

Study finds huge drop in corporate blogging

A study of the Inc. 500 companies by the University of Massachusetts reveals that far less are adopting blogging as a social media tool today than they did a couple of years ago. ... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives July 22, 2010

Wildfire launches social ecommerce app

Want to make your branded social pages even more influential? A new purchasing app from social marketing brand Wildfire could be the answer. The app allows marketers to create and place buying widgets on their fan pages to engage consumers.... >>

BizReport | Internet Marketing 101 August 31, 2009

Internet Marketing 101: Tips for running better contests

Ask any author, movie producer or screenwriter what they best traffic driver is and their answer will likely be: contests. A well-run contest can drive several hundred more hits per day for the length of the contest. Why? Because consumers... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing May 11, 2009

Wildfire platform brands interactive promotions

If you're new to the social networking space or are just beginning to research the benefits of branding a social site to interact with consumers, a new tool from Wildfire could help. The technology company has released a tool which... >>