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BizReport | Internet February 26, 2013

ICANN announces hundreds of new web address suffixes

ICANN today announced that hundreds of new web address suffixes will be added later this year, claiming it will be the largest growth since the 1980s. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing August 14, 2009

Vitrue: Facebook wall posts generate CTRs in excess of 6%

A social media start up claims to have measured click-through rates for Facebook wall posts and found them to be significantly better than the average email or display ad campaign.... >>

BizReport | Internet July 28, 2008

Unique URLs, to infinity and beyond

You know a number is big when it takes more keystrokes to represent it numerically than it does in text. It’s the sort of mind-boggling figure that, like trying to envisage the size of the universe, turns most people’s brain... >>