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BizReport | Social Marketing April 08, 2011

Study finds Twitter use up 400% yet still lagging behind socnets

New research from NetPop finds that Twitter has grown exponentially since launching in 2009, and yet the social network remains a kind of afterthought for many consumers. Although brands are using the site for promotions and publicity and some consumers... >>

BizReport | Advertising April 04, 2011

Twitter testing geo-targeted ads

A new chapter in Twitter has begun as the micro-blogging platform begins beta testing a geo-targeting feature.... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing March 31, 2011

Half of all Tweets generated by small group of 'elite' users

Despite the huge amounts of Tweets generated and shared on Twitter, just a small fraction of the micro-blogging platform's user base attracts attention, according to a new Yahoo Research study titled, "Who Says What to Whom on Twitter". ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing March 18, 2011

On Twitter, misery loves company

New research has revealed intriguing behavior among Twitter users. It appears that people on the microblogging platform flock together depending on their mood. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing March 08, 2011

SMBs use of Twitter doubles

A new report has revealed that the use of Twitter among SMBs doubled between the third quarter of 2009 and the fourth quarter of 2010. ... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content February 16, 2011

Mainstream media drive Twitter trending topics

It's not Twitter users with the most followers or even those who tweet the most that determine trending topics on Twitter. Instead, mainstream media brand authors from the likes of CNN and the New York Times start conversations and drive... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing January 27, 2011

In social time spent is up, will advertisers buy in?

With millions of consumers logging in to update statuses, connect with friends and share links, social networks are exploding. New research shows that the time spent on at least one social network is increasing, which is leading even more brands... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing January 12, 2011

OFT warns against deceptive advertising on Twitter

Celebrities who fail to declare a financial interest in the promotion of products via Twitter are coming under the scrutiny of the U.K.'s Office of Fair Trading. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing January 11, 2011

Brands: This is how to get more involved with social ads

Consumers are in social. Brands have to be in social. These are two sentences going around most advertising agencies, brand offices and small businesses around the world. The problem is that many brands and businesses aren't sure how to make... >>

BizReport | Research January 11, 2011

Is Twitter a time-waste for brands?

With all the talk about the importance of social networks in the New Year, a recent development may put a pall on socializing for brands. What happened? A new book was released, several celebrities tweeted about it to their masses... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing October 26, 2010

Ad agency abandons website for Twitter presence

A few weeks ago, a Swedish ad agency moved its website to Facebook and, before that, another agency based their web presence entirely on Youtube. Now, another agency has decided to ditch its website and establish its online presence elsewhere... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content October 14, 2010

AdGent 007 releases Skinny widget

A new release from AdGent 007 will place Twitter updates within a webpage without having to first go into the back-end of a website to change the website's code. The Skinny works by displaying status updates through a widget window... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content September 30, 2010

Sysomos reveals brief lifespan of a tweet

What do fruit flies and tweets have in common? Their average lifespan, according to new data from social media analytics and monitoring firm Sysomos.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing September 13, 2010

More Tweets via mobile

The number of Twitter users tweeting via mobile has risen substantially in the last few months with almost half of active users making mobile a regular part of their microblogging experience.... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing September 03, 2010

2 social tools tell brands worth of shared content

The social space is exploding, but many brands are still unsure how to harness the power of social marketing. Enter two new tools from ShareThis, which should help brands figure out how their content is being shared and which consumers... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing September 03, 2010

British businesses favor Twitter over Facebook

Move over Facebook, Twitter is now more popular amongst British businesses, according to new research form Virgin Media Business.... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing September 02, 2010

Police embrace Twitter but lack strategy

A new study from the Canadian Association of Police on Social Media takes a look at the Tweeting habits of cops and their agencies in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. It transpires they're doing a cracking job but, as... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing August 16, 2010

Twitter doubles audience, Latin Americans leading pace

When it comes to Twitter, it seems everyone is talking about the platform. Turns out, according to a new comScore report, that nearly everyone is actually tweeting, not just talking about tweeting. The report finds that Twitter's global audience doubled... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content August 13, 2010

Twitter launches Tweet Button

First, Facebook's Like button spread like wildfire across the Internet - now the Tweet Button is set to alight on websites. ... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content August 09, 2010

Research: What happens on Twitter doesn't stay on Twitter

Twitter users are an influential bunch and, as new research from ExactTarget discovers, that influence extends well outside the micro-blogging platform into blogs, forums and even the living room.... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing July 28, 2010

360i: Twitter needs more conversation from brands

After a six month look into how consumers and marketers are interacting with Twitter, digital marketing firm 360i says marketers are still missing the Twitter boat. Why? Because consumers are using it to 'talk' with one another while marketers are... >>

BizReport | Internet July 27, 2010

Message is clear - users won't pay for Twitter

A recent study from The USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism found there is little doubt how consumers feel about paying to use Twitter.... >>

BizReport | Research July 14, 2010

Survey: U.S. Twitter users highly active online

Newly released consumer insights data shows U.S. adults that use Twitter are more active online that the average Internet user and are more politically and socially active, too. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing July 13, 2010

Twitvid's SocialAds - lots of Tweets but not cheap

Video hosting service TwitVid believes Twitter is now big enough to support its own video ad network. To this end they launched a stand-alone network earlier this week - SocialAds - an alternative to traditional pre-roll ad formats. ... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content July 07, 2010

Twitter makes foray into e-commerce as query volume grows

The micro-blogging platform continues to grow, as does the number of queries it handles each day. Newly announced figures put today's number of queries 33% higher than just a few months ago, a good trend to be on as Twitter... >>

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