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BizReport | Blogs & Content archives September 13, 2010

StumbleUpon adds auto-targeting ad feature

First it was advertising through StumbleUpon's recommendation features, now the discovery engine is adding targeting capabilities to the system. The new feature is an auto-targeting capability which gives brands the ability to target campaigns to specific audiences. The targeting platform... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives August 12, 2010

StumbleUpon engaging marketers

In the land of online advertising, content based and less intrusive are two buzzwords. Enter StumbleUpon's ad platform, which leverages ads-as-content type marketing and now the company reports 20% growth since March. The platform is now running about 3,000 daily... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing March 10, 2010

StumbleUpon launches personalized ad recommendation engine

One more social tool has been released this week that should help marketers and brands get a better handle on social conversations. With the launch of StumbleUpon's Advertising platform brands and agencies now have the ability to target ads according... >>

BizReport | Internet June 01, 2007

Ebay buys StumbleUpon for $75 million

Ebay may have found a way to enter into the online search wars. This week, the online auctioneer purchased StumbleUpon, a surfing and content finding web tool. ... >>