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BizReport | Ecommerce archives September 09, 2011

Despite BTS, consumer spending down in August

Kids may be outfitted for school, but those spending on back to school (BTS) likely cut back in other areas according to a new Gallup Poll. Researchers found that overall spending in the US declined by about $5 for the... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives September 01, 2011

Nielsen: 20% of consumers will pay more for eco-friendly products

The gap between consumers consciences and wallets doesn't seem to be lessening. Although most consumers in Nielsen's 2011 Global Online Environment & Sustainability Survey report many want brands to be eco-friendly, only about 20% are willing to pay more for... >>

BizReport | Research archives October 13, 2010

Scarborough: E-Reading consumers reading online and print

If you think e-reader households are reading solely on their digital devices, think again. While many of these consumers are reading the bulk of their content through online devices, many are still reading print editions of newspapers according to a... >>

BizReport | Research archives August 17, 2010

Commuters like coupons, Wi-Fi for breakfast

When it comes to the morning commute, many consumers simply don't have time. So they hit fast food drive-thrus or quick-eateries for a quick breakfast before going to the office. The thing is, these breakfasters are creatures of habit and... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives November 30, 2009

Scarborough: 75% of American adults check the local paper

Although newspaper readership and advertising continues to dwindle, at least according to some reports, researchers with Scarborough say that newspaper readership is still strong. According to the recently released Integrated Newspaper Audience report, 74% of American adults read their newspaper,... >>

BizReport | Research archives March 24, 2009

Report: Internet use among U.S. Hispanics continues to rise

A new report concludes that more can be done by marketers to target U.S. Hispanic Internet users, as broadband penetration closes the gap between their numbers online versus the total U.S. population. ... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing December 04, 2008

Report: Texters are young, high spenders

When it comes to text messenging, more and more consumers are discovering the ease of the communication. However, marketers are still struggling to find their place in the text messenging world. The key, it seems, is to catch texters the... >>

BizReport | Research archives May 15, 2007

Why marketers should target road warriors

There is a new reason to target traveling salesmen or those with long commutes to work. According to a recent study, the more time people spend in cars the more likely they are to want tech gadgets and spend time... >>