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BizReport | Mobile Marketing February 09, 2012

Ad recall and propensity to purchase higher among tablet users

A new survey from Nielsen reveals tablet users in the UK are more likely to accept advertising on their device than smartphone users and have better ad recall, too.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing January 12, 2012

In-Stat: (Screen) size matters

You've heard the saying size matters - or it's opposite, no, size is relative. But in the world of mobile devices it turns out size does matter. NPD In-Stat reports that larger screen sizes - which are preferred by most... >>

BizReport | Research archives January 11, 2012

LinkedIn: Our users spend more on electronics

The big news in Las Vegas this week is Consumer Electronics. From new gadgets to improved platforms to new uses for old favorites, manufacturers and brands are touting their latest and greatest. Which has many retailers wondering who will win... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives January 02, 2012

Online sales, traffic show strong increases for 2011 holidays

Sure, online retail brought more than $35 billion to etailers and brands for the 2011 holiday season. But what about traffic? Because although purchasing showed a strong increase, many more people may have visited websites to find product information and... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing December 17, 2011

U.S. smartphone ownership rises

The number of smartphone subscribers in the US has risen significantly, according to the latest figures from Nielsen, with almost half of Americans now owning one.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives December 15, 2011

Mixpo release deploys surveys in ads

US consumers are spending more and more time with online video. So much so that Nielsen reports the amount of time spent streaming media is galloping forward while the number of people streaming is merely jogging along. However new releases... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives November 29, 2011

Black Friday trends to tech buys

The holiday buying season is off to a good start with more than $815 million in online retailers pockets according to comScore. With a one-quarter increase in online sales, it would seem more shoppers are finding their gift buys online,... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives November 10, 2011

Reports find where ads appear, location provided pushes engagement

In the online space a lot has been said over the past 18 months about the benefits of targeting. And yet many campaigns that seem well-targeted aren't hitting the right demographics. Data from Nielsen finds that, in a review of... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing October 17, 2011

Smartdevices keeping us online longer

Establishing a tight connection between consumer and brand has always been a difficult task but mobile devices may be changing that. With consumers adopting and upgrading to more advanced devices they are also adopting a different kind of engagement, a... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing October 12, 2011

Study: Social Television on the up

Traditional television viewing may be decreasing thanks to the streaming of shows online as well as an increase in DVRs, but technology is making it easier for people to shift their viewing habits. One interesting finding from NM Incite and... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing September 13, 2011

Nielsen: People spending much more time in social

Upwards of half the American public are now interacting on social networks often, with most having a profile even if they don't regularly post, tweet or share pictures and videos. Just how big is the social space getting? According to... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing September 13, 2011

Survey reveals consumer preference for mobile Web

A new study from Finnish mobile analytics provider CEM4Mobile Solutions reveals that while more people are using the mobile Web than mobile apps supporting both is the best way forward... for now. ... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives September 01, 2011

Nielsen: 20% of consumers will pay more for eco-friendly products

The gap between consumers consciences and wallets doesn't seem to be lessening. Although most consumers in Nielsen's 2011 Global Online Environment & Sustainability Survey report many want brands to be eco-friendly, only about 20% are willing to pay more for... >>

BizReport | Research archives August 22, 2011

What brands need to know about video consumers

Americans are consuming more video content, whether on television or the Internet, than ever, but many brands are still unsure how to connect. The key is understanding how consumers are engaging with video and what they are watching.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing July 29, 2011

Nielsen reveals latest smartphone OS and manufacturer data

Nielsen's June survey of mobile consumers reveals Android still rules the operating system category while Apple continues to dominate manufacturers.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives July 07, 2011

Study: Where to engage overworked, over-stressed women

When it comes to having it all, most global women say they are closer to getting what they want. But having it all comes with more than a great job and family life. According to a new report from Nielsen,... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing June 20, 2011

Nielsen: Mobile data tsunami continues surge

Nielsen's analysis of the bills of 65,000 smartphone users reveals more data is being consumed now than ever before on a per-user basis while decreasing data costs have kept mobile bills at the same levels as a year ago. ... >>

BizReport | Internet June 09, 2011

Teens don't use phone for talking

Gone are the days when teens spent hours with a phone, mobile or other, glued to their ears while yakking for hours on end with their friends. Today, found Nielsen, American teens don't talk, they text.... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives April 19, 2011

Is online video saving grace of sports?

On any given Sunday in the US you'll likely find men and women watching baseball, basketball or football, rooting on favorite teams and yelling at hated opponents. While most of these are watching on television, a growing number are watching... >>

BizReport | Internet February 15, 2011

Nielsen: Online video usage up significantly, user numbers static

New figures released by Nielsen show no significant rise in the number of people watching online video in January 2010 compared with January 2011. Instead, existing viewers are watching more.... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives December 29, 2010

Study: Video ads okay with online women

As online video adoption pushes forward, a new study from The Nielsen Company and NBC's Today Show indicates that women, specifically women aged 25-44, are the impetus behind the rapid adoption rates. Why? Because women share links they like, women... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives December 22, 2010

Which electronics hold the most appeal for consumers

The Christmas holiday is just three days away and many etailers are wrapping up - no pun intended - the 2010 holiday season. But, don't move so quickly to get beyond Christmas and into 2011. According to one report, consumer... >>

BizReport | Research archives November 08, 2010

Manta: SMBs relieved with election results

Some media outlets may still be debating the impact of the 2010 Election in the US, but at least one quadrant is relieved: small businesses. According to a new survey from small business hub Manta, small businesses believe the new... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives July 05, 2010

Nielsen: Internet's impact of shopping unparalleled

It may seem as if the Internet has changed everything about the world we live in, but some areas have seen more impact than others. Communication, for one, but according to a new report from NielsenWire the area most impacted... >>

BizReport | Research archives January 07, 2010

Reports: Video to expand in 2010

It is no secret that in 2009 online/mobile video became mainstream, but it may surprise some of you that video is expected to show another rapid expansion over the next year. According to reports from metrics firms comScore and Nielsen... >>

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