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BizReport | Ecommerce archives July 16, 2014

Survey: For certain items, in-person shopping still preferred

Though the bulk of Americans have made a purchase online, there are still things they'd prefer to shop for in person. That is the takeaway from a new Harris Poll out this week. According to researchers more than two-thirds (69%)... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives July 08, 2014

Studies show youths viewing less TV while overall pay TV increases

Two new studies point to a switch in Americans' television habits: one shows a decrease in television viewing while the other points to fewer viewers cutting back on pay TV services. Seem contradictory? Maybe not.... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives December 05, 2013

Webrooming, Showrooming pushing shopper engagement

Is it showrooming that is pushing conversions or is it webrooming? That is the question many retailers are asking as December rolls on. The answer? According to new data out from Harris Interactive, both. ... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives November 18, 2013

Study: Retailers may make bank on toys

This holiday season, look for toys to make the difference for many retailers. At least for retailers of the discount variety. According to new data out from Harris Poll about half of holiday shoppers will be buying toys over the... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives October 31, 2013

Poll: Most Americans dread holiday crowds

The holidays are coming and some experts believe there will be a lag in in-store shopping as people choose to shop online. However, new data shows most Americans still plan to shop in-store and supplement those trips with online or... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives July 26, 2013

Online shopping habits evolving

Price remains a key pressure point for online - and mobile - shoppers, but new data out from Harris Interactive shows how consumers have evolved in the online retail space. The big takeaways: they're more impatient with slow load times... >>

BizReport | Research archives July 24, 2013

Reports: Travel still top of consumers' interests

Summer in Northern Hemisphere may be half over, but that isn't stopping travel plans - especially those who haven't finalized destinations yet. According to the 2013 Harris Poll EquiTrend study vacations are getting a lot of attention, especially from budget-minded... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing May 23, 2013

Survey: Friends, not search, pushing mobile video

Think mobile search is the best way to spread that new video clip? Think again. According to new data out today from Harris Interactive and Telly, friends are actually pushing more video content than search queries. ... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives May 15, 2013

Survey: Americans want on-demand, not programmed content

When it comes to entertainment, fewer and fewer Americans are choosing programming and instead are turning to on-demand, personalized content. Like the playlists on their MP3 players or online sites like Pandora for music.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing April 18, 2013

Consumers continue shopping, checking in via mobile despite risks

The mobile space is fraught with opportunity for businesses - but also for fraudsters. And despite the risks associated with some mobile infrastructures, consumers continue turning to mobile because it is more convenient to them.... >>

BizReport | January 11, 2013

Study: Consumers more engaged, less understanding of online business

When it comes to online engagement, consumers seem to be engaging more deeply with content and brands online. The thing is, many people are still mystified by the actual working of the internet. For example, new data out from The... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing November 29, 2012

Study: Generation gap isn't so big where mobile is concerned

Brands, when looking to the New Year, don't forget mobile. While some brands are creating mobile sites, there is still a lag between website and mobile site for many, but when it comes to consumer habits most adults are choosing... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing October 05, 2012

Study: Women check socnets, email more often than men

Just one more reason to target women, advertisers: not only are women making the bulk of purchases in households, but women are also checking in on social media and email more often. Meaning brands in the social and email spaces... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives August 17, 2012

Poll: Parents some of most engaged mobiles

When it comes to mobile devices, busier people may be the most engaged. According to a new poll from Harris Interactive and Placecast, parents are some of the most active mobile users. This is fitting since parents can be found... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing August 01, 2012

Poll: Socnet users would go to jail before giving up profile

New data out from Harris Interactive and MyLife indicates people are overwhelmed by the amount of social media out there. But they're also not willing to give up their social profiles. In fact, some traditionally hated tasks are child's play... >>

BizReport | Blogs & Content archives July 18, 2012

Poll: Most video viewers prefer faster streams to higher def streams

When it comes to streaming video over mobile devices - particularly smartphones - US viewers say they want faster connections/streams rather than more definition. That according to a new poll out from Harris Interactive and Skyfire. More than three-quarters (86%)... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives May 03, 2012

Poll: Mobile increasingly important for purchasing say Americans

When it comes to mobile shopping, research isn't the only thing people are looking for. To date many in the industry have believed mobiles were used primarily to research products or share deals through social networks. New research out from... >>

BizReport | Loyalty Marketing March 20, 2012

Studies: Despite increased data breaches customers remain loyal

A new poll from Harris Interactive, on behalf of FileTrek, finds that most Americans remove confidential company information from their offices. Of the 90% who do this 79% say it's probably grounds for termination. ... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing February 02, 2012

Super Bowl Super Social?

Ad space for the game is sold out and that has a lot of fans talking, tweeting and status updating: will Super Bowl XLVI ads live up to the hype of years past? While they ads may live up to... >>

BizReport | Research archives December 26, 2011

25% of Americans to connect internationally over holidays

The holidays aren't just about buying gifts and having dinner this year - according to new data from Harris Interactive and Rebtel one-fifth of Americans are reaching out across the world this holiday season. One in five will use Facebook... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing October 11, 2011

Survey: Americans say new smartphone releases matter

Smartphones are a convenience. New smartphone releases are anticipated and researched and find crowds of consumers looking to upgrade. But a new trend is also emerging - the trend of minor annoyance. New data from Harris Interactive and Qumu finds... >>

BizReport | Research archives September 23, 2011

Study: Women more dialed in to social

Talking on the phone, chatting over email or commenting on status updates through social networks. In many cases it is easier to stay connected with friends and family when it fits into a schedule - chatting over email for instance... >>

BizReport | Research archives May 16, 2011

Study: Young adults key brand advocates?

A recent study from GSI Commerce and Forrester Research found that social media isn't pushing as much ecommerce as many thought; but new data from Colloquy indicates that social media is getting the word out about products - through recommendations.... >>

BizReport | Research archives April 05, 2011

Survey finds Americans shopping smarter, not harder

When it comes to saving money, more Americans are turning to coupons to keep some green in their wallets. According to a recent Harris Interactive and survey 95% of Americans are now actively looking for some kind of savings... >>

BizReport | Research archives January 14, 2011

Poll: Consumers more optimistic about 2011

The New Year has put a shiny new glow on consumers' feelings about the economy. According to a new Gallup poll consumers who believe the future is bright outnumber more pessimistic peers about two to one. On average, 52% of... >>

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