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BizReport | Internet September 02, 2015

Google pauses Flash and signals new ad age of HTML5

Google now hits pause on Flash ads and auto-playing videos not related to content and, while users celebrate the decline of the annoying, intrusive ads that disrupt their viewing, the industry needs to look to the future of online advertising.... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing December 19, 2013

Is HTML5 the answer for casual gamers?

With more and more people engaging with the Internet, social networks and games via mobile devices developers began looking for better ways to support and create usable infrastructures. HTML5 is one option that game developers have grabbed on to, and... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing February 21, 2012

PaymentOne employs HTML5 support for mobile payments

Mobile game and app developers have one more way to monetize their products - PaymentOne. The platform is launching the PayOne HTML5 API, providing HTML5 compliant web-based payment options. The option should simplify mobile payment across platforms and devices through... >>

BizReport | Internet August 01, 2011

Adobe set to release Edge, HTML5-based tool

For developers who want more versatility than Flash, a new offering from Adobe could be part of the answer. Today, the platform announced Edge, it's HTML5-based animation tool, giving developers the ability to add motion to their existing HTML documents.... >>

BizReport | Research archives August 06, 2010

Flash vs. HTML5: What you need to know

Website coding is a language that every online marketer needs to know, but you don't need to know specifics. You simply need to know what works for your site, your content and your overall goals. Which do you need? ... >>

BizReport | Research archives June 07, 2010

Platform suite offers video marketers consumption rates by device

Want to know how many consumers are watching your clips via PC, smartphone or other device? There's a new platform for that. Video search engine MeFeedia has launched a new suite of tools which relates this information or marketers and... >>