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BizReport | Advertising archives February 12, 2010

Google enables businesses to enhance map presence

Google's experimentation with ad formats that use enhanced imagery along with their mapping program has resulted in a new paid, enhanced feature that allows small businesses to greatly bolster the content of their listings.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing June 09, 2009

Google Local woos offline local businesses with analytics

Google is encouraging offline small businesses to claim their listing profiles on Google Local by giving them access to a free Google Analytics-esque dashboard.... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing May 04, 2009

comScore: Growth of local search outpacing regular search

According to new figures from comScore, the use of search tools to find local businesses, products or services grew 58% last year to reach an annual total of 15.7 billion searches.... >>

BizReport | Research archives October 30, 2008

Housing slump forces home improvement SMBs online

Once upon a time home improvement contractors, such as painters, carpet layers and landscapers, were turning away customers and had little time for websites or online ad campaigns that would only serve to swell their waiting lists. How times are... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing October 10, 2008

More ad opportunities via Google

First came click-to-buy on YouTube, then AdSense for Games and now Google has been spotted placing text ads on Google Maps.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives June 01, 2007

AdSense to be integrated into Google Maps

Reports out of various Google Developer Days claim that AdSense could soon be integrated into Google Maps.... >>