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BizReport | Mobile Marketing September 22, 2011

What's in mobile? Reports find content, entertainment

Texting may be up and calling down, but when it comes to smartphones, more and more people are looking for content and entertainment. From news headlines to funny videos and social network access, an increasing number of consumers are looking... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing July 26, 2011

Reports: Online shoppers influenced by social

The Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing (Q2 2011) from Adobe and Econsultancy finds that 90% of marketers place value on traffic volume - the more people coming to their websites from social media the better, they believe. However only about one-third... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing June 29, 2011

Portrait of a Tweeter

With research showing Facebook is going grey, some brands are wondering how to latch onto and engage younger consumers. Many look to Twitter, a space said to appeal more to younger users, but is Twitter the answer? Although the site... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives June 21, 2011

Study finds Facebook pages very valuable for ecomm

When it comes to having a social presence, the value may be in Facebook's pages than in other social networking profiles. Just over half of consumers tell Compete researchers than they are using Facebook to stay up to date with... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing June 06, 2011

How mobiles are changing the face of commerce

Consumers are becoming more comfortable with their smartphones according to new research from Compete and comScore; both studies find that American consumers are using smartphones for more than talking and texting, with some now using hand-helds to pay for things.... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives May 10, 2011

Compete, Ground Truth partner for screen identification capability

Add another instrument to the online marketing toolbox. Compete and Ground Truth have partnered for a tool which will tell brands and marketers how consumers are viewing ads: from PCs or mobile devices. The hub will give marketers cross-platform insights... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives November 10, 2010

Study: Expandable rich media ads outperform non-expandable flash

In the world of online advertising there is an abundance of ad formats: video, banner, flash, rich media, text, search and the list goes on. A new study from Compete and PointRoll shows a vast difference in the performance of... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives June 28, 2010

Retailers: Coupons benefit you, too

While most marketers consider only the benefit of coupons to the consumers who clip and redeem them, information from Compete underscores the benefit of the coupon to the retailer offering the deal. According to the Compete Online Shopper Intelligence study... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing April 06, 2010

Search queries down but Bing heating up

When it comes to search, marketers know that consumers will return time and again to find information. But, surprisingly, search query volume decreased in February by about 6%. Most likely because February is the shortest month of the year, still... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce archives March 05, 2010

Study: 80 million consumers using CSEs

When it comes to bargain hunting the Internet has unleashed a whole new brand of shoppers: Extreme Deal Hunters. At least, that is what many are calling them. These consumers aren't just looking for a coupon or a sale. They... >>

BizReport | Mobile Marketing January 06, 2010

Apps for everyone with PointAbout's AppMakr

It will soon be apps for everyone, if mobile developer PointAbout has its way. The company has launched a tool which allows everyone to create and launch apps, a hot property in the mobile world, for about $199. To this... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives July 21, 2009

Are non-clicks still valuable to marketers?

A new tool from Compete is answering that question with a resounding 'Yes'. The tool, called Ad Impact, measures what happens when consumers do not click on online display ads. ... >>

BizReport | Research archives March 19, 2008

TNS to buy Compete, create new metric solution

The merge of TNS Media Intelligence, Compete Inc. and Cymfony will give global marketers greater insight into how their brands and messages are faring globally. TNS announced earlier this month that it would acquire Compete for $75 million. ... >>

BizReport | Advertising archives January 17, 2008

Marketers can analyze ads for better performance

As the online advertising industry continues to evolve marketers need to know a lot more than just where the ads will appear. Marketers need to know how users are engaging with ads, what sites lead them to ecommerce or product... >>

BizReport | Search Marketing August 21, 2007

Compete rolls out a new search analytics tool

A new search analytics tool promises a bit more information for search marketers. Compete Search Analytics allows marketers to view information from billions of monthly search queries to adjust their own paid search campaigns.... >>