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BizReport | Advertising November 29, 2012

AdSafe Media rebrands, releases new tools

There is a new name in the online space, but that name is back by a familiar face. Today AdSafe Media is rebranding to become Integral Ad Science - and releasing a new suite of tools to help brands score... >>

BizReport | Advertising August 30, 2012

Report: Directly place ads most viewable

When it comes to ad viewability, the Q1-Q2 AdSafe Media Semi-Annual Report finds directly placed ads are winning out. Nearly half of directly placed ads are viewable, finds the report. The bad side? The ads aren't viewable for long.... >>

BizReport | Advertising August 12, 2010

AdSafe: 17% exchange ads are high risk

When it comes to high risk advertising inventory, the latest from AdSafe Media indicates that nearly one-fifth is from advertising exchanges. According to AdSafe Media's Q2 Quarterly Review 16.9% of high risk ads were served via an ad exchange.... >>

BizReport | Advertising November 25, 2009

Rubicon, AdSafe partner to protect brands

Spammers, phishers and other unsavory businesses have made brand safety a priority on the Internet. A new partnership between The Rubicon Project and AdSafe Media will go one step further to protect brands in the online space by verifying ad... >>

BizReport | Advertising November 11, 2009

Internet Marketing 101: How ad placement can harm - or help - brands

It is the fear of marketers the world over, both big brands and small businesses. Improper ad placement - finding an ad for a child's toy, for example, adjacent to adult content. Although most marketers do try to police the... >>