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BizReport | Mobile Marketing September 23, 2010

360i releases Mobile Playbook

Are you quickly drowning in the what-do-i-do, what-do-i-not-do of mobile marketing? Worry not. First, you're likely not the only one in the deep waters and second, 360i has released their mobile playbook, filled with all kinds of tips and tricks... >>

BizReport | Social Marketing July 28, 2010

360i: Twitter needs more conversation from brands

After a six month look into how consumers and marketers are interacting with Twitter, digital marketing firm 360i says marketers are still missing the Twitter boat. Why? Because consumers are using it to 'talk' with one another while marketers are... >>

BizReport | Research February 23, 2007

Forecast: Panama to boost Yahoo revenue 45%

Financial services and research firm UBS is predicting exciting growth in 2007 for Yahoo, thanks in part to their new search offering Panama. ... >>