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BizReport | Research January 14, 2011

Poll: Consumers more optimistic about 2011

The New Year has put a shiny new glow on consumers' feelings about the economy. According to a new Gallup poll consumers who believe the future is bright outnumber more pessimistic peers about two to one. On average, 52% of... >>

BizReport | Ecommerce December 27, 2010

How etailers can improve advertising in 2011

Heading in to 2011, marketers should be thinking more about personalization and less about generic, mass mailings. Sound like a statement that should have been made five years ago? Actually, it was a five-year-ago statement, but many marketers are still... >>

BizReport | Email Marketing November 19, 2010

Symantec's MessageLabs looks ahead to 2011

2010 saw a few interesting anomalies as far as online security. A large botnet was taken down, spam and click fraud numbers seemed to moderate themselves, and there were not headline-grabbing security glitches. Still, 2010 wasn't a banner year and... >>

BizReport | Trends & Ideas November 08, 2010

Forecast: 2011 will push consumers back to basics

The 2010 holiday season is upon us - it will be in about three weeks - and that means that many of us are already making plans for 2011. What can marketers expect from the New Year? What will consumers... >>