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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

MySpace, My Sale

Social site is an up and coming player in retail sales. According to Hitwise, Google accounted for nearly 15 percent of all United States visits to their Shopping & Classifieds section. Yahoo was listed as second, but trailed Google by nearly 10 percent. However, Google may have a contender coming up from the rear of the pack. >>

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Exclusive Interview with Steve Abernethy, CEO of SquareTrade

The world of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) has always been one of personal contact. Arbitrators and mediators typically sit disputing parties down in a room and figure out a way to smooth over differences until they reach a compromise--or at least listen to both sides and make a decision. But the Internet has spurred the new field of online dispute resolution (ODR) in which cyberspace takes the place of a meeting room and electronic communications replaces face-to-face contact. >>

Thursday, September 28, 2000

Exclusive Interview with David Brett, CEO of Knexa

David Brett loves knowledge. And he hopes lots of it will sell online to the highest bidder. Brett is president and CEO of Knexa, a Vancouver, Canada-based "knowledge exchange" that's looking to become the Ebay of global digital content, allowing content providers to post digital text, graphics, video, or audio on an exchange that would make it available to interested buyers in a stock-market-like environment. >>

Tuesday, August 08, 2000

Exclusive Interview with Robert Kohn, Chairman of

As the debate over Napster and free music on the Web continues, few have watched more closely than Robert Kohn, chairman of Kohn's company was the first to make a business of selling downloadable music on the Web, but its stock has plummeted in recent months partly over fears that Napster's free music model (some call it stealing) has made paying for downloads at least temporarily moot. >>