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BizReport : Internet Marketing 101 : March 03, 2021

Can Cloud Technology Resolve Supply-chain Issues Created by Covid-19?

The role of cloud technology in resolving supply-chain problems during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cloud technology has been a lifesaver for many companies throughout the pandemic. Countless companies have transitioned to work-from-home models in order to encourage social distancing. This would not have been possible without the miracles of cloud computing.

There are other important ways that cloud technology is helping companies survive the pandemic. In addition to helping companies create work-from-home environments, cloud technology has also helped companies deal with supply-chain issues. Cloud supply chain solutions have been essential for many companies.

The role of cloud technology in resolving supply-chain problems during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a massive source of frustration and concern for businesses all over the world. Nearly 98,000 businesses in the United States have shut down due to COVID-19 between March and September of last year.

Companies that manage to survive the pandemic have not felt like it was a picnic either. They have encountered a number of challenges that have persisted for months. Many of the discussions about the pandemic center around dwindling customer bases, especially in the restaurant and hospitality sectors. But other issues are at least as significant.

One major problem that has been underreported in the media is the supply-chain disruptions that companies are facing. There are a number of issues that lead to these disruptions.

Fortunately, new advances in cloud computing technology could be the key to addressing supply-chain concerns. Smart business owners will find ways to take advantage of cloud technology to mitigate any supply-chain problems that will continue through the course of the pandemic.

Here are some important supply-chain benefits afforded by cloud technology during the pandemic.

Keeping in touch with suppliers that might have left their offices during lockdowns
It is very important for every business to keep in touch with supply-chain partners during regular business hours. Unfortunately, this is a lot harder during the pandemic. Many jurisdictions have implemented strict lockdowns, which have made it harder for companies to stay in close communication with their suppliers. At least, that is the case for businesses that rely on traditional communication channels, such as landline phones.

Cloud technology has made it a lot easier for companies to stay in touch with their suppliers. They can use cloud-based VoIP apps and texting services to get updates about deliveries, inventory shortages and other pertinent information. This approach works regardless of whether companies are having their employees work from home or out of the office.

Keeping track of inventory in real-time

Inventory management is another very important aspect of running any business. You need to have the right inventory management process in place to track everything carefully.

This is something that needs to be taken into consideration at all times. However, it is arguably even more important during the pandemic.

Why do you need to invest in more dependable inventory management systems during the COVID-19 pandemic? There are actually a number of reasons.

The biggest reason is that consumer behavior has become a lot less predictable. At different stages of the pandemic, demand for some products surged, while the need for other products plummeted. Even the most experienced marketing analysts failed to for see some of these trends. For example, nobody anticipated that there would be such a huge shortage of toilet paper in the early days of the pandemic.

Another issue is that supply-chain disruptions have led to shortages of some products. They might affect some suppliers, but not others. It can be difficult to keep track of which products are being delivered on a timely basis in which are not.

Cloud technology has provided a lot of solutions in this regard. Many businesses are using the cloud to keep careful track of their inventory. Cloud technology makes it easier to monitor product counts in real time, so you can better anticipate supply-chain shortage is in.

Better anticipating trends with customer demands

One of the most difficult aspects of supply-chain management is monitoring customer behavior and forecasting future trends. As stated earlier, this has become an even greater challenge with the pandemic, since demand for various products has fluctuated considerably.

This is another area where cloud technology has proven to be very useful. The cloud has made it easier to get access to market data. This data can be used in conjunction with highly reliable predictive analytics algorithms, which enable businesses to forecast customer behavioral trends with much greater accuracy.


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