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BizReport : Internet Marketing 101 : February 08, 2021

How to Get More Employees To Use Your Intranet

Intranets are less-well-known than the public Internet that we all use. Intranet content exists within an organization, so fewer people know what it's all about. But to get buy-in from employees and get them to use the Intranet, you need to have a marketing plan.

Once you understand how you can engage employees with the Intranet, you'll need to find an effective Intranet solution for your organization.

Create Engaging Intranet Content

This is the most significant way to get your employees flocking to your Intranet. Your Intranet is a unique content provider in your company. You've got a captive audience, but few will use the system if the content doesn't engage readers. Do the content right, and your Intranet can become the hub of your company's internal communication.

How do you create amazing Intranet content? Give these tips a try:

Provide Useful Tools and Documents
An Intranet is a repository for internal data and information. But no one wants to scour a site for 20 minutes for that form or template to do their work. Make sure you organize tools and documents into intuitive categories. Searches are more straightforward when done by type of job, geographic location, most often used documents, etc.

Format Content Like a Sales Pitch
Workers will use your Intranet if there's interesting content that is fun or helpful to use. Think about using similar design ideas that your public Internet site uses. Or borrow graphics and blogs from popular consumer product sites.

Make Interaction Easy
Most people use social media. So, workers will know how to comment on news or blog posts. They'll also participate in voting on popular content and share useful articles. Adding social media-type functionality gives employees exciting ways to engage with each other.

Make It Fun
Intranets don't need to read like a stuffy annual report. Remember that workers use it for the same people who use Facebook, watch Youtube videos, and tune into podcasts on the couch at home.
Adding some fun to your Intranet can include polls on fun, non-work topics, quote of the day, favorite recipes, and a page to buy and sell items.

Make It Easy To Log In
So, we covered how to create Intranet content in detail. But don't forget to make it easy for workers to access it. One way to do that is to make the login process simple. People are busy, and if it's not fast and easy, many people will skip the whole thing.

Ask For User Input
Want to get more people to use your Intranet? Ask people who will use it for input. How can you make it more accessible? What do they want to see in there? And if they avoid it like the plague right now, find out why.

Establish a Rewards Program
Consider rewarding employees - maybe a gift certificate? - when they complete a significant task on the Intranet, such as complete an online training course. It's a fantastic way to boost system use and create healthy competition in your company.

Give Your Intranet Time
Imagine putting in a dozen or more hours into setting up your Intranet and creating content. When you open the virtual doors, only a few employees straggle in. Just give it some time. It might take a few weeks or months for all workers to buy into the new system.

Remember that most Intranets contain proprietary internal communications. So, you usually can't search Google to learn how other businesses create and manage internal communications. But when you need to improve your Intranet and attract more users, try using these tips to guide your work.


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