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BizReport : Advertising : January 20, 2021

Top 3 tips to use performance data to improve campaign optimization

With the end of the cookie and changes to Apple's IDFA making user targeting a challenge, marketers and agencies are looking for new ways to enhance ad targeting. One data source which marketers can tap into is improved creative intelligence. BizReport caught up with autonomous and omnichannel ad buying solution Madgicx to understand how creative intelligence can help marketers and agencies.

by Kristina Knight

Tag Everything

"The only way to understand the true impact of a headline, video, image, or any other creative element is to tag it in every ad and ad set it is being used. When everything is tagged, marketers can get an accurate performance analysis of each element in their ads to understand exactly what works in their creative strategy and what doesn't. That's why we use machine learning to automatically tag each and every element," said Madgicx's co-founder and CEO Yahav Hartman.

Analyze the performance of tagged ad elements across creative type, placement, etc

"A great example of the value that artificial creative intelligence can deliver came from Madgicx's client Gagliardi, a European menswear fashion brand. The company learned that their videos were underperforming since they were too long and that using human models in their ads improved their performance significantly in comparison to using mannequins. As a result of what Gagliardi's marketing team learned from Madgicx's Creative Insights, the company rolled out shorter, better-performing video ads that featured human models, which enabled them to increase their Return On Ad Spend by 2.6X while decreasing the cost per purchase by 58% in a few weeks," said Hartman.

Keep monitoring performance and optimizing

"Over time, marketing campaign performance may fluctuate due to various reasons, and it's not easy to determine the causes for it. That's why it's critical to thoroughly understand which creative elements resonate with which audience segments and track their performance trends among these audiences. Moreover, it is crucial to take funnel stages into consideration when analyzing ad performance among audience segments. Based on this analysis, advertisers can create efficient creative briefs that focus on their top-performing creative elements. By duplicating what works and removing what doesn't, they can effectively refresh campaign elements and replace ads to ensure that the marketing investment is optimized. By using Creative Insights, marketers can leverage machine learning to do all that in order to personalize creatives to audiences at scale," said Hartman.

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