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BizReport : Internet : December 29, 2020

How to continue - and improve - remote work options

In 2020 a good number of employees began working remotely, as freelancers have done for years, but some businesses weren't prepared for how remote work could work for them. Heading into 2021, some employees want to continue with a remote or hybrid remote schedule, and that has businesses scrambling to create an on-going remote work option. Here are a few tips to create a remote work strategy for your business.

by Kristina Knight

First, make digital the channel

"People are no longer afraid to try new software, join virtual meetings and transact files in the cloud. The pandemic has opened up enormous opportunity to not only change the essentials but also upgrade at the same time," said Dave Costenaro, Chief Data Officer, Capacity. "Platforms like Slack, Teams and Zoom have largely filled that gap but more people are reaching out through official channels to get questions answered. This makes helpdesk, ticketing and live chat agents much more crucial. Maybe it's time to stop bothering your colleague and send your question to the official, automated helpdesk instead."

Second, consider micro-certifications, not just four-year degree options

"In the past, a four-year college or university was a prerequisite for participating in marketing. While there will still be a place for degrees, marketers who possess specific and practical knowledge about solutions relevant to marketing are going to rise to the top. Some who worked from home this year invested their time into micro-certifications like Trailhead for Salesforce. They finished this kind of program with knowledge and skills that can be applied quickly to just about any ABM program. I think we'll see this increase over time. The future of learning will hone in on these smaller continuing education opportunities. Smart companies will recognize the benefits these programs offer and attract talented people who've been through them to join the team -- and can invest in their own employees to participate, too," said Latane Conant, CMO, 6sense.

Third, think out of the box for hiring

"Contingent labor increased with the economic downturn this year, including fractional leadership - where executives lend part of their time to a company. Fractional executives are beneficial for both sides - the company gets the expertise of execs with less cost and helps prevent burnout for the executive grinding through the same problems daily," said Ray Culver, SVP - Head of Growth, TalentNow. "The number of women in the workforce has shrunk to under 50% for the first time since 1985 due to the pandemic. Because of this, companies must rethink the technology they rely on for hiring. Traditional recruiting and hiring technology centered solely on the resume won't be sufficient. Companies taking their DE&I efforts seriously need to rely on technology that elevates talent rather than filtering it out."

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