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BizReport : Advertising : December 31, 2020

3 pieces of tech that could improve brands' 2021

With 2021 right around the corner and an end to the COVID-19 pandemic possibly in sight, many businesses and merchants are making plans to get diners back into their establishments and shoppers back into their stores, both virtual and physical. Here are three pieces of tech that could help brands have a better 2021.

by Kristina Knight

First, advanced site search and chatbots

"An AI-enabled site search engine will connect your visitors to the exact information they're looking for. Importantly, they get to pose questions in their terms, not yours; using programmed logic, the engine determines keywords and their position in a sentence to process requests," said Jay Atcheson, SVP of Marketing, R2i. "an AI chat capability will significantly increase your scale and productivity by using predictive models to answer your customers' most frequently asked questions. These AI-powered chat tools (Drift is a good example) allow you to engage customers across the entire lifecycle. They also bring your go-to-market teams together to deliver personalized CX that will likely increase your revenue, shorten sales cycles, and strengthen your brand experience."

Second, cloud CMS

"Today CMS is an integrated, cloud-based capability that incorporates web analytics, digital asset management, digital campaign marketing, and many other tools. While more involved than the other categories, it is well worth considering as a way to address CX expectations that are changing," said Atcheson. "In addition to shifting assets to the cloud (which limits potential access outages or downtime), cloud-based CMS allows brands to design better customer experiences by leveraging the latest experience management innovations. Adobe Experience Manager, a leading cloud CMS, offers a modular architecture that can be optimized for specific use cases while maintaining peak performance. It also auto-scales in seconds."

Third, CX tracking

"CX tracking platforms like Ask Nicely collect feedback directly following your customer's NPS-qualified experience. By integrating into your internal communication channels, these platforms provide real-time analysis for response by customer care teams," said Atcheson. "CX tracking platforms can measure lifecycle satisfaction, identify key expereince drivers, and predict buyer needs. They let you segment and better understand your NPS data to uncover opportunities or plan for corrective actions. Furthermore, they link NPS data to your operational data in your CRM for advanced analytics. In short, they enable you to connect your CX dots quickly and at minimal cost."

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