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BizReport : Content Marketing : November 24, 2020

Top tips to improve quality of branded content

Driving traffic and conversions through branded content has long been a struggle for many, and with more avenues for content opening those struggles have only magnified. Here are a few tips for brands to create better content, that is relevant and wanted by their customer base, that will help to drive higher engagement.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: You believe marketers don't just need more content but better content - how can they begin creating content that is actually wanted by their customer base?

Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO & Founder, Casted: What makes really great content stand out among all the other noise are original, expert perspectives. Start with conversations with experts, not a keyword strategy. When you have a passionate expert speaking authentically about their area of expertise, the result is engaging, relevant content that is naturally keyword-rich.

Experts come from many different places. They can be internal thought leaders, customers, prospects, industry experts, partners, and more. Think first who your audience is and then who they will be most interested in hearing from. Start by talking to those individuals for the show, but then wring-out that content across all other channels, as well.

The difference between expert-fueled content and the content that aims to take advantage of keyword opportunities is felt in the original thoughts of the experts, their passion, and the insights they share.

Kristina: What are your top 3 tips to develop a better content marketing strategy?

Lindsay ● Give your brand an authentic voice by turning conversations into marketing gold.
If you aren't fueling your content marketing strategy with authentic conversations from a podcast already, try it!
● Use audio clips.
For our own brand, when we use audiograms, we see 2-3 times the engagement than we do on our text and link-only posts.
● Squeeze as much out of your content as possible.
One podcast conversation can be spun into more opportunities to amplify the voice of the expert guest so your audience can find that content and engage with it on a deeper level and in the ways that best serve them.

Kristina: How do newer content options - like podcasts and short youtube videos - feed into more traditional blog and even email content?

Lindsay: There's so much potential content to build from even a single podcast episode and its transcription. For example, the insights shared can be reused as multiple clips for social media, transcripts for blog posts, and built out as broader content ideas for eBooks. Many organizations post at least part of the podcast transcription on their website to boost SEO and even embed audio clips and takeaways within written content to create richer, multimedia experiences. Content teams have a lot of options in building out the key takeaways of a podcast into other forms of more traditional content.

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