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BizReport : Ecommerce : October 23, 2020

Top 4 mistakes B2B sales are making and how to correct

B2B salespeople have gotten much more attention in light of the Covid pandemic because so many businesses have gone to digital connections with one another. But that doesn't mean the transition to online digital sales has been simple. We identified four mistakes many B2B sales people are making so that brands can get back on track.

by Kristina Knight

First, forcing the customer to connect the dots

"Great selling is about context. Don't get caught pushing general facts about your product or service without making your pitch relevant to the customer. No matter how great your product is, if you can't create a relevant connection between your product and the customer's needs, there will be no sale. Don't force the customer to figure out how your solution applies, connect the dots for them with relevant use cases and examples," said Adam Johnson, SVP of Sales, ActiveCampaign

Second, failing to personalize the approach

"In the B2B sales process, sales is rarely the first touchpoint. By the time the customer is on the phone with you, they've most likely interacted with your blog, downloaded a case study, or engaged with multiple emails," said Johnson. "A lot of junior sellers overlook these past interactions, opting to go into the deal blind, when there may be a rich history of data and insights to pull from. Remember that the customer journey doesn't start or end with you and take advantage of marketing insights to tailor your interactions to your prospects' interests and preferences."

Third, not answering tough questions

"Many early-career sellers will hesitate to ask direct questions if they are afraid of the answer. But the softball, "If the demo is a 10/10, and finance approves the spend, and legal has no issues with the contract, is it possible that you might sign a contract in October?" is less meaningful than getting straight to the point with, "Do you intend to execute a contract in October?" If you ask easy, loaded questions you may get a yes, but you won't get the real information you need to move the deal forward," said Johnson.

Fourth, forgetting that the close is not the end of the sale

"It's easy to get hyper focused on the contract. But for the customer, the contract is just one small (but critical) step in the much longer customer journey. The best salespeople recognize this," said Johnson. "Deliver an experience that not only results in a sale, but also sets the customer -- and internal teams -- up for a successful, long-term relationship. When you focus on that long-term success, you will naturally become more aligned with the customer's needs and keep their goals top of mind through the entire sales experience."

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