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BizReport : Internet Marketing 101 : August 08, 2020

How Marketers Can Help Coworking Spaces Thrive Post Pandemic

One of the industries affected by COVID-19 crisis is the coworking sector. Most coworking spaces already stopped their operations until the lockdown lifts, and some of them completely closed their business due to severe financial loss.

The world had to stop for a while because of a blow that nobody expected to happen. The coronavirus pandemic impacted the entire human race, as it made almost all countries in the world put on hold all the economic activities.

Many nations had to put all the affected areas on complete lockdown to help contain the virus to stop the coronavirus. The economy has had a relatively fast rate of decline, as most people stay at home to help flatten the curve.

One of the industries affected by this crisis is the coworking sector. Most coworking spaces already stopped their operations until the lockdown lifts, and some of them completely closed their business due to severe financial loss.

Coworking spaces still have the opportunity to bounce back from this pandemic by strictly following all guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO). In this post, we'll list the various ways marketers can help coworking spaces thrive, even succeed post-pandemic.

Limiting Face-to-Face Sessions and Training

Industries will soon start opening. Many areas in Houston have begun opening shops because, inevitably, they need to start earning to continue living. For coworking spaces like Novel Coworking Houston, operations can run smoothly again as soon as they can implement sanitation and safety rules at their location.

For coworkers who would still prefer to work in shared spaces, there are still some options. Sanitation stations with available disinfection items promote a hygienic place. Marketers would be wise to conduct training and sessions online to limit the number of people gathering in the shared areas, especially since streaming services are growing exponentially.

Encourage Social Responsibility

If you are a business given a chance to reopen, dealing with the coronavirus means practicing your social responsibility. In place of networking events, networkers can ask their coworking space management to run an information drive about how important it is to have healthy social practices.

One thing that coworking spaces can do is to work with marketers to come up with a personalized campaign that would promote such practices. This way, they can adhere to federal policies and protect their reputation in the coworking space industry.

Promoting a Conducive Working Environment

One of the main concerns of managing a coworking space is limiting the number of people that interact in a given area. Staying in a place where the exposure risk is high is not advisable. It would be best if coworking spaces look at the overall design of their offices.
Having open spaces or outdoor working areas is highly recommended so workers can take a break from the indoor air. Suppose the budget is an issue (especially since operations halted for several months). In that case, it is still possible to adapt to best practices by extending operating hours.

You can also try providing a schedule for coworkers to come in so it would be easier to reduce overcrowding. Offering virtual offices is also an ideal option. That way, people would never have to be physically present in your area.

Marketers can help owners develop a campaign to help promote their newly designed spaces, highlighting how coworking spaces remain the ideal space for boosting careers and meeting potential clients.

Coworking space can remain in demand during and post-pandemic once they adhere to these safety policies. They may even become the driver of the now stagnant economy.


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