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BizReport : Social Marketing : August 28, 2020

Brands: Top tips to hack Pinterest for growth

Pinterest has long been the place of randomly scrolling for pretty pictures or the platform in which publishers could pair a picture with a link to drive relevant traffic. But the Pinterest times have changed and now consumers are seeking out specific information from Pinterest that brands can use to engage - if they know how to hack it.

by Kristina Knight

The first key is in knowing what types of content are drawing in traffic. According to Pinterest's proprietary data there is a new trend in Pinterest users seeking out wellness and self-care information, likely because so many are overwhelmed with the global pandemic. For marketers, this trend is a signal to offer more than 'save 10%' banners.

"There's an ever-growing appetite from marketers to connect with customers wherever they spend their time - and right now that is Pinterest, with over 400 million active users," said Robert Rothschild, VP & Head of Global Marketing, "By leveraging popular search terms on Pinterest, marketers can digest, analyze and gain key insights into what audiences on the platform want and need. Generally, ads that seem more native to the platform always also perform better. Advertisers should highlight these wellness messages in the creative and copy, testing variations to see what is most impactful. Listening to your audience is first and foremost one of the most important methods towards achieving your marketing goals. Recognizing what your audience is searching for will give you an advantage in knowing how to seamlessly develop strategies and adjust campaigns based on what your target audience is interested in."

According to Rothschild, marketers should begin by breaking budgets down into small target groupings which can then be targeted to specific focus groups. That eases how ads are optimized and delivered. From there, brands have to be willing - and able - to rapidly test ads and find the creative copy that resonates with Pinterest users.

"Pinterest offers brands opportunities to drive conversions, whether that be direct purchases, traffic, sign-ups, subscribers, or app-installs. Since becoming the third-largest social media platform and exceeding market expectations, Pinterest has established itself as an attractive platform for brands to diversify their ad spend and complement their marketing mix," said Rothschild. "Pinterest offers users a highly visual way to search for new products, compile and organize items by interest, and share their pins with friends and family members. As 97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded, the platform uniquely enables brands to reach consumers when they are looking to discover new products and take action, before price comparisons and brand preferences kick-in."

He goes on to note six strategies, specific to Pinterest, that will help brands make the most of their platform budgets: Defined campaign objectives, note the average bids and CPMs, note the length of the campaign, segment by interest and keywords, and from there test for the most relevant messaging for the target audience.

"Pinterest is more performance-focused than ever - offering endless opportunities to drive online shopping purchases, traffic, sign-ups, followers, and app installs to drive your marketing goals. For all marketers, be sure to follow best practices when launching campaigns on Pinterest. Consider using different types of creatives and ensure you are familiar with the platform's recommendations and restrictions. For optimal success, don't go it alone; loop in both creative and performance teams to work closely together from the start of a campaign to ensure the most seamless process," said Rothschild.

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