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BizReport : Advertising : July 15, 2020

Merchants: How to adjust marketing efforts during pandemic

While consumers have quickly pivoted online for many purchases some merchants and brands continue to struggle to find their footing. We asked a digital expert how marketers can better engage with their client base.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How can merchants ensure they are meeting the needs of their shoppers?

Kasper Skou, CEO, Semasio: Retailers need to first understand shoppers, and then make sure that they have the right product and delivery modalities for the post-pandemic consumer.
Kristina: How do contextual and semantic targeting strategies improve campaign ROI during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic?

Kasper: Semantic Targeting is about giving advertisers the tools to truly express what they mean to target. That enhanced capability enables them to navigate otherwise risky waters of content around the pandemic. You can target messages of hope, improvement and ingenuity in the face of this adversity to turn the media omnipresence of the pandemic from a threat into an opportunity.

Kristina: What are your top 3 tips to reach consumers during pandemic times?

Kasper: 1. Streaming has absolutely exploded during the pandemic - some say two years of evolution happened in a quarter) - so that channel is crucial at the moment.
2. More and more content is around getting back to the 'new normal.' As such, drop simplistic keyword blacklist approaches blocking all content around coronavirus and COVID-19 - and instead intelligently jump into this new theme. 
3. Do that with your message as to how you'll help my life transition to the 'new normal.'
Kristina: What about after - do strategies need to return to pre-pandemic strategies?

Kasper: Returning to pre-pandemic strategies will rarely be a good idea. Instead, put yourself in the consumer's shoes: We want out of this crisis as badly as you do. How can you help us regain a sense of normality in our lives? Tell us a good story of how you've understood the new situation, and as a result, rethink your products or services to truly help consumers.

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