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BizReport : Internet Marketing 101 : July 01, 2020

How To Improve Marketing Team Communication

If there is one thing which drives high-performing teams and businesses, it's effective communication.

An ideal marketing team's workplace is backed by communication between employees which is open, seamless and professional. Everyone in your marketing team can give their best to the project and can ensure its successful completion when everybody is clear about their roles, responsibilities and expectations. Effective communication eliminates the misunderstandings and hence everybody stays on the same page and no arguments take place. With a dedicated marketing communications strategy in place, your team can easily reach out to target companies and individuals and close more deals than ever.

Today's marketplace is rapidly changing, marketing teams must update themselves and be prepared for any challenge. Your marketing teams should be well aware of your overarching company goals so that teams can contribute efficiently. Content plays a major role when it comes to influencing a Business to Business (B2B) deal. Marketing teams should know what content to share and when. Marketing automation can result in more conversions and can draw a line between successfully closed deals & missed opportunities. Communication can help you leverage maximum resources and increase the productivity of the organization as a whole. Further, it fuels the customer experience as well.

Why is effective communication important?
Effective communication is a must tool for maintaining a strong working relationship and achieving productivity between marketing teams. When communication between your teams is clear, it helps to build trust amongst employees and generates more output. Employees who can effectively communicate with their peers and executives are always valuable assets to the company. If communication is poor, it will demotivate the staff which might make them question their abilities or the organization as a whole. Breakdown in communication can take a huge toll on the work processes. Read ahead some points which you can follow to improve your marketing teams communication and know why it should be a priority:

Daily marketing stand-up:
Regular stand-up meetings increase the productivity of teams, make the agenda more dynamic and boost the team's involvement. Daily stand-ups help in a clear set of goals and objectives for the day. Also, the last working day's update can be obtained to know how the team is working on the tasks assigned. Any backlog can be detected here and accordingly, resources can be escalated. Daily stand-ups help in better information retention and promote cohesiveness amid the team members. Every participation is important, daily stand-ups can help your marketing teams in unimaginable ways since your team members will commit more to work. Interaction between your company's different departments can also be enhanced. This facilitates mutual support which is vital for a good working environment in the corporate.

Promote brainstorming:
Till this date, nothing beats brainstorming as the most efficient way to gather ideas. Brainstorming is great for improving marketing team communication since it provides an open and free environment where people can express their ideas. The concept blends the informal approach to problem-solving with professional matters. Brainstorming follows the quantity over quality. Team members can gather hundreds of ideas and then filter out the relevant ones, this is indirectly a team-building exercise which can boost communication like never before. Brainstorming encourages critical thinking in your teams and makes them humble, honest and curious. When different viewpoints and perspectives to a problem collaborate effectively, team communication gets improved. Group brainstorming can make objectives and agendas crystal clear from the beginning of the project and takes away the possibility of harbouring any confusion.

Marketing team management tool:
Marketing project management is no piece of cake. If not effectively managed, your quarterly profits can be negatively impacted. You can make use of dedicated management software which can allow your marketing teams to collaborate better and manage tasks across different campaigns and projects. You can easily schedule resources and move them to different projects whenever any need arises. The right tool can help people across the department stay updated with the tasks and relevant information. End-to-end management of workflows can be ensured which uphold communication between teams and peers. Right from planning to execution, marketing campaigns can be improved like never before.

Use PowerPoint presentations:
As simple as a PowerPoint presentation can help a marketing team if we transform it into a meaningful conversation. Using professional PowerPoint templates to showcase real-time insights, charts, graphs and information can make it easy for your teams to assess the subject matter and derive conclusions. You can highlight key points such as important goals, timelines, deliverables and more. With a distributed workforce, it becomes difficult to keep everybody at the same peace. Meeting with your remote teams should be productive. A PowerPoint presentation can help you brief your colleagues remotely. You can provide them with easy to digest key takeaways as well. It becomes easier to gather the attention of your audience with a PowerPoint presentation, hence you should use it to achieve collective communication amidst your marketing teams.

Encourage feedback:
Feedback helps in forming better relationships, it keeps everybody on track and helps your team avoid major mistakes. Ensuring clear and honest communication workflow between your team members can reduce errors significantly and can help them grow personally & professionally. Feedback provokes change and fuels growth in an organization. Feedback gives people a sense of hope. We all like to be appreciated and feel like we belong to the place. Knowing that one is a part of a team can help him/her work towards the goal better. Employee engagement takes a boost as well. Peer to peer feedback is your key to open communication channels between teams and individuals associated. Professional conflict or tensions between the employees can all be reduced when there is effective communication between them.


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