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BizReport : Law & Regulation : July 23, 2020

Expert: How brands are adjusting to CCPA

The six month marker has passed for businesses to begin complying with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and while the trust level between businesses and consumers has increased one expert says there is still work to be done.

by Kristina Knight

The CCPA is a set of regulations giving consumers rights over how their personal data is gathered, used, and even kept by businesses. According to a new Akamai survey brands are seeing increased trust from consumer since they began putting new data privacy measures in place. Since going into action brands say they've primarily seen consumers asking for access to their personal data (54%) or requesting that their data be deleted (54%) or showing consumers what kinds of data are collected on their behalf (50%). But, while this initial phase is fully in action and brands are moving to improve their communication and strategies surrounding data, one expert says more action is needed.

"Ideally there would be standardization at the national level. While a simple answer it is what is truly needed. The patchwork of disparate laws and unclear definitions for some of the language means we can expect challenges to implementing effective programs to support and protect customers," said Steve Winterfeld, CISO, Akamai. "I think the first step is for companies to thoroughly understand the data they have and what they do with it so that they can apply an ethical privacy framework to their activities. Many companies are turning to technologies/tools in order to automate the process. A common solution would be implementing a customer identity and access management (CIAM) that will integrate customer identities into a single source of truth. CCPA is just one of many different privacy regulations that companies need to comply with so they are looking for solutions that manage how customers are supported based on where they are."

The lack of consistency in rules is the biggest concern for the bulk of businesses, with nearly half (47%) saying consistency in rules is their top concern about compliance. Nearly the same amount (46%) say a lack of visibility into what data they have is a top concern.

Once those initial steps are taken, Winterfeld says businesses need to increase data protection across devices - for instance, strengthening rules about devices employees use while working remotely.

"As employees are largely remote and more customers are moving to online interactions with companies the edge is becoming more important. Protecting access to the online resources and making sure that the interactions are secure is becoming increasingly critical. Providing customers more control builds trust and if done correctly can still provide enough data to ensure the interaction is positive and frictionless," said Winterfeld.

More data from the Akamai survey can be found here.

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