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BizReport : Internet : June 26, 2020

Top 3 tips to decrease downtime costs

With more and more consumers streaming content, shopping online, and generally using mobile and desktops for more online activities, it stands to reason that sooner or later a website will go down. This could send consumers surfing to a new digital destination, costing marketers and brands money. Here how to decrease the costs of downtime.

by Kristina Knight

First, be prepared

"A recent survey we conducted at Infrascale indicates that most SMBs feel that they are prepared to recover from a disaster, however 1 in 5 of the same respondents did not have a Disaster Recovery or backup solution in place. Without a Disaster recovery or backup solution in place, it would be near impossible to spin up operations quickly in the event of a downtime situation, particularly where data or IT systems are involved," said Russell P. Reeder, CEO, Infrascale. "Businesses need to be prepared to get back up and running quickly, whatever "quickly" means for that individual business, to ensure their downtime costs are minimized."

Second, be pragmatic

"A business needs to understand their cost of downtime and what their recovery objectives are. A pragmatic approach to understanding which systems are essential to be restored, and how quickly, will impact the loss of productivity and opportunity to that business, and ultimately the cost of any downtime. There are a variety of solutions available in the market today that can address the needs for individual businesses, and at Infrascale we careful review each business' requirements to provide recommendations to balance specific objectives against the cost of downtime," said Reeder.

Third, be proactive

"Once an appropriate solution is identified, implementation and readiness are key to minimize downtime. Ensuring that the appropriate infrastructure and data is protected is essential, that it is regularly being backed up to be called on in the event of downtime, and in some cases, the ability to be able to get in front of a possible downtime event by failing over to a data protection solution, such as Disaster Recovery as a Solution (DRaas). Simply having a solution in place is not enough - Proactively managing, testing, and being able to failover to or recover from a solution will ensure the ability to minimize any cost of downtime," said Reeder.

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