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BizReport : Internet Marketing 101 : June 13, 2020

5 Golden Rules of Modern Marketing You Should Always Live By

Marketing looks nothing like it did 20 years ago. Whereas digital marketing was once a subcategory of marketing, the two are now synonymous with one another. And if you want to be successful over the long haul, you have to play by the (new) rules.

by BizReport

Here's a look at the new rules of modern marketing - principles you'll want to abide by in the coming weeks, months, and years:

1. Conversational Copy Wins

For decades, copywriting took on a more formal tone. Carefully chosen words and sophistication underscored branded content. Today, conversational copy leads the way.

"The basics of conversational copy are simple: write like you speak," copywriter Monika Mundell explains. "Think of it as having a conversation with your dream client. It helps if you tune into and visualise your reader before crafting words into digital pixels. You want to make your reader feel welcome and appreciated."

Copywriting styles and formats will always change, but it's hard to imagine there ever being a hard reset on conversational copy. This makes it a foundational principle that you can build on.

2. Never Set it and Forget It

When it comes to marketing and advertising campaigns - particularly paid search - there's a tendency to take a "set it and forget it" approach. But if the evolution of modern marketing shows us anything, it's that true results stem from continual optimization.

Not only does a set it and forget it approach limit your results, but it's a total failure to account for the advances in data and analytics. Brands now have access to as much information as they could possibly want. Why wouldn't you study the data and optimize accordingly in an effort to increase conversions?

Worried about time and resources? Find a paid search management expert to head up the effort for you. It's truly a no-brainer.

3. Participation is the Fifth P of Marketing

Read any business school textbook and you'll find the classic "5 P's of Marketing:" product, price, promotion, place, and people. But in modern marketing, there's a sixth P. It's participation.

We operate in a business marketplace where consumers want to have a say in how they interact with brands, what they purchase, and where the journey takes them. Businesses that understand this can engage buyers via social media, gamification, and interactive content.

4. Listen or Lose

Incessant talking and excessive promotional language will stymie your brand's results and limit your ability to directly engage your audience in meaningful ways. Today's most successful marketing strategies are centered on listening. More specifically, they're focused on active listening.

"In order for companies to listen to the voice of the customer, they must first know how to listen -- without getting defensive," customer experience expert Matthew Bieber writes. "While it sounds simple, there's an art to active listening, and it involves a good deal of psychology."
Active listening involves more than just soaking up what people are saying. You also have to prove to your audience that you're listening. This shows them that you care.

One way to show you're listening is to develop copy that uses the words they're using. If you notice the same questions popping up online or in customer service call logs, leverage these as topics for blog posts and podcast episodes. Relevancy is at the heart of good brand listening!

5. Mobile First!

For many years, it was desktop first and mobile second. Then it was a 50-50 focus on desktop and mobile. But today, in 2020 and beyond, mobile has to be the primary focus. Desktop comes secondary.

The vast majority of your consumer base carries a smartphone in their pocket at all times. Many of them have tablets, too. This is no longer a piece of the market - it is the market!

Design and develop all of your content - written or visual - with mobile devices as the primary focal point. (Thankfully, responsive design makes this easy.) You'll see your numbers skyrocket.

Refresh Your Marketing for Maximum Results

While the classic principles of marketing will remain true throughout the years, the industry is constantly evolving. And in an age where digital is king, it's critically important that you leverage today's best practices alongside yesterday's proven tactics. Revisit the drawing board with your team and see where it takes you.


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