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BizReport : Ecommerce : June 12, 2020

3 Ways Covid-19 Will Change CX

The customer experience is an ever-evolving point of contact for many brands, and the Covid-19 pandemic has made yet another strategy adjustment necessary. Here are three ways the customer experience will change in the coming month - and how brands can prepare for another pivot.

by Kristina Knight

First, self-serve will save customer service

"Self-service will become even more important as consumers look for service options that operate on their own time and fit their preferences, and as businesses look to mitigate the spike in customer service requests and long wait times. As brands look to "flatten the curve" in regards to the degree of disruption to the business, self-service can immediately deliver a more consistent and improved customer experience plus dramatically reduce the volume, and burden on already strained contact center teams. The initial investment in digital self-service can be the foundation of a broader digital engagement strategy and provide the actionable insights on where to invest next," said Ryan Lester, Senior Director of Customer Engagement Tehnologies, LogMeIn. "While recent years have seen brands begin to move towards providing more of a personal touch, we'll see that advance even further as they move to take a true concierge approach to offering a better virtual/digital shopping experience that most aren't currently providing. This might encompass everything from more pervasive video chatting, face-to-face options to adoption of the "Warby Parker" direct to consumer (DTC), in-home model taking greater hold across industries like retail and consumer tech."

Second, journey maps will depend on Covid engagement

"This will require taking an outside-in view of how customers have been engaging with the brand during the pandemic rather than simply expecting them to revert back to the old ways of interacting once shelter in place restrictions have been lifted. A big part of this shift will be moving digital to the first point of entry, particularly for brands with physical locations, and building a broader digital engagement strategy that provides actionable insights on where to invest next, from messaging to chat to conversational chatbots," said Lester. "The severity of the economic impact will determine the degree to which CX changes and the time until we get back to some degree of normal, but it's the changes that happen through the turmoil that will help redefine what normal CX is. Some of these COVID-19 based changes will be stop-gaps until we can return to best practices, others will prove worthy of becoming the new normal - using data and insights around customer behavior to identify which is which will separate those who come out of this successfully and those who fall to the back of the pack."

Third, CX expectations will rise, budgets won't

"The effects of COVID-19 will remove the term "extra budget" from the business vocabulary for the foreseeable future, but that doesn't mean that customers will settle for anything less that the level of service they've grown accustomed to. As such, there is less space to be wrong. Businesses need to compete harder to win and delight customers because there simply is no room for error. As businesses put together their strategies and tactics to meet expectations with less, there are a few key areas to focus on, including over-indexing in self-service, adopting remote functionality, and committing to flexibility and adaptability," said Lester.

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