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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : May 04, 2020

3 Fixes for mobile marketing mistakes

The mobile space continues to be a tough fit for many marketers with apps that act as walled gardens, and the inability of some search engines to index app content. There are also issues with mobile optimization and the overall mobile experience for users. We asked an expert how to fix some of the most common mistakes that mobile marketers make.

by Kristina Knight

Not properly attributing user behavior or conversions

"[Some marketers are] looking at the same user who engages on multiple platforms and thinking they are different users because of the lack of an identity resolution platform. The wrong attribution had two main downfalls - 1) by not understanding it's the same user, marketers, and brands give them a disjointed user experience instead of a continuous one and might mean losing users along the way like Chris who left WSJ because of such a bad experience. 2) The lack of tracking of the entire user journey ends up in misattributing your paid marketing effort," said Mada Seghete, Co-Founder & Head of Strategy, Branch. "Solution: Having a trusted attribution partner that correctly attributes user behavior and down-funnel events across channels, platforms, devices. When Nextdoor used a cross-channel platform, they found they were misattribution over 25% of their revenue."

Not leveraging mobile browsers and organic traffic to drive app growth

"While the rise of mobile sounds great -- more usage, more money, more revenue, the truth is not quite as rosy as the global numbers might make it sound. As apps emerged as a preferred channel for many brands, marketers began to realize that app discovery is broken and mobile app users are much harder to acquire than web users. The reason? While marketers can use web content to power and drive website discovery in both organic and paid channels, apps are unfortunately walled gardens. While this strategy has worked well for the ecosystem owners like Apple, it makes it nearly impossible for new mobile brands to get their apps discovered," said Seghete. "Solution: Focusing on web SEO and Using Smart Banners on mWeb like Journeys web-to-app banners to drive web users to the app. Personalization of these banners is extremely important - Branch data revealed that the level of personalization of a banner has a huge effect on the view-to-click ratios. An advanced dynamic banner has almost 5X the view-to-click conversion rate of a static app banner."

Not retaining users post-download

"If you get users to your app but they never come back, it's like adding water to a leaky bucket. Unfortunately, many marketers focus just on the acquisition, while a different part of their team focuses on retention," said Seghete. "Solution: Acquisition and retention teams should work in tandem - teams that focus on acquisition should measure retention by channel and cohort and optimize for users with high retention, not just user installs or signups/one purchase. Re-engagement strategies such as referrals and double viral loops, create an efficient and intuitive onboarding process, driving users to your app from all channels (mWeb using Journeys, desktop using Text Me the App), A/B testing different CTAs, messaging, onboarding processes, etc can be an effective way to re-engage users."

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