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BizReport : Internet Marketing 101 : March 12, 2020

The Branding Challenges Guide to Small Businesses

Faced with fierce competition from big companies, small businesses are finding it hard to build a brand that's efficient in the long run.

The size of the business is not necessarily correlated with the quality of the products/services they offer, and yet small entrepreneurs fail again and again to make people understand this very sensitive matter. That usually happens because they tend to stumble into a few branding challenges that must be considered in advance, in order not to repeat other's common mistakes.

Shaping the Personality of the Brand

For small businesses, branding is one vehicle for generating sales. It must incorporate a broader range of issues. First and foremost, it should show what are your core values and how can you serve your customers better. Secondly, the brand should immediately suggest what's the area of expertise and how it can solve problems. The brand will need persuasion as well, not just conversion as a strategy. It will imply that you meet your obligations constantly and by doing so, the personality of the brand will gradually take shape, in the long run.

Branding Design Elements

One of the key parts of your brand will be creating your brand design elements such as a logo, business cards, and other materials needed to translate your brand into an image. Many small entrepreneurs are don't have the budget, the time, nor the skills to create these brand elements themselves. Luckily, we now have cheaper branding design options meaning each small business can build up a brand image from scratch, without any external need.

Defining a Brand's Purpose

The most important aspect of a brand is its ability to describe the nature of business. Also, it should communicate how the underlying business is different from other similar competitors. Small entrepreneurs are eager to speed up the process in order to generate sales (because that could translate into higher revenues). That may be the case, but using the brand as a sole advertising tool could generate results in the short run and create plenty of damages in the long-term. Building a brand is like a marathon. It requires a lot of consistency from day one until the business disappears. There's no easy-way-out and small businesses need to understand they'll grow healthier by going slow.

Being Creative and Flexible

It's disturbing to see the "herd mentality" thriving in the world of business, even though it's a sector where creativity and diversification are two of the most important factors. Small businesses are constantly trying to replicate what other big companies are doing, and in the process, lose a lot of customers. The key is to differentiate against other competitors and the branding should communicate how a business stands out. Entrepreneurs are afraid of the unknown, but they should be able to rise above their natural emotional response and let their creativity run its course.


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