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BizReport : Social Marketing : March 24, 2020

Expert: How to repurpose UGC for social content

As more consumers spend more times on mobile and especially social media, brands are scrambling to keep their content fresh, interesting, and engaging. User generated content, according to a digital expert, is one way to keep content fresh; the key is to repurpose it to be brand safe. Here's how.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: We're hearing much more about brands repurposing content - from reviews to UGC video. How can brands simplify the repurposing process?

Helen Aboagye, CMO, Imagen: A lot of this comes down to planning and having a strategy for your content and its multiple purposes. Before producing a video, marketers should think about where their target audience is consuming content and how they can use it across different campaigns, platforms and social media sites to ensure they're maximizing their budget and resources while reaching the people who matter most. For example, a five-minute demonstration video that is intended to live on a brand's website can be clipped to one-minute for an Instagram video, or 30 seconds for Twitter. By understanding the type of content consumers, employees or customers want before producing and creating video, it will be easier for brands to simplify and boost the repurposing process.

Kristina: How can businesses better leverage UGC and other social content?

Helen: UGC offers brands or companies the opportunity to promote and engage, or even use content that fans of their products or services produce. To help maximize this opportunity, businesses can create unique hashtags consumers, employees or customers should use when posting their own photos or videos that feature the company. From there, it's easy for social teams to interact with consumers and repost UGC. This can also create a domino effect - when people see that their favorite brand or company has shared content created by influencers or their own family and friends, they may be willing to produce their own content to increase their chances of having it seen and shared, resulting in positive, organic promotion for the company or brand.

Kristina: As more brands invest in influencer campaigns, how can businesses ensure they're making the right partner choices?

Helen: [In a recent survey] Ninety-two percent of marketers believe using influencer campaigns is an effective marketing strategy. Though it can be tempting to dive into an influencer program; businesses must take a step back and do their research before reaching out to influencers. It's important that companies have clearly laid out objectives for their marketing program, and how influencers will add value. From there, businesses can determine which types of influencers with whom they want to engage and would be most beneficial in helping them achieve their marketing goals.

Kristina: Once influencers are chosen, what's next?

Helen: After companies decide which influencers they want to work with, they need to decide what exactly they want their influencers to do, and what they can give in return. By laying down the foundation of what messages should be delivered and how content should be used, brands and influencers alike can build a solid and mutually beneficial relationship.

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