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BizReport : Internet Marketing 101 : February 19, 2020

Log Management Software Solves Multiple Problems

What are the key benefits of installing and using a competent software solution for managing all the logged data in a company's cyber environment?

Companies of all sizes use log management software solutions to deal with the reams of data that flow in from their in-house computer platforms. Even small firms turn to low cost programs that collect, analyze, manage and monitor hundreds of different kinds of information. Cyber security has become big business and continues to grapple with more sophisticated challenges with the passing of each successive year.

What are the key benefits of installing and using a competent software solution for managing all the logged data in a company's cyber environment? Here's a summary of a few of the top ways that managers can make use of an automated procedure for dealing with data from thousands of different logs.

Keeping the Organization Connected
When information for multiple parts of a company is aggregated in one place, which is one of the many talents of software that helps management handle logged bits of intelligence, there's less of a need for a vast network of cyber security personnel. Not only does the program act as a highly sophisticated business brain, it allows key personnel to respond to problems rapidly, communicate with one another easily and generally improves connections between various layers of staff.

Close Surveillance of Employees
Has someone logged into a company computer without permission? Have certain pieces of information been downloaded, copied, or viewed by the wrong sets of eyes? Has anyone attempted to alter timesheet entries or tried to hack into the payroll database? Questions like these are important starting points for organizational leaders hired to root out fraud, hacking, and other nefarious activities. One of the main advantages of logging programs is that they keep a detailed record of every activity that takes place on any of the entity's computers. That's why logging tools are vital for the survival of a corporation, especially larger ones that oversee sensitive client and in-house databases. Not only can a top-notch tool tell you what material is missing, but it can likely pinpoint the person who took it and verify the act in case the matter ends up in court.

Solving Problems as They Arise
Some tools are so good at what they do that there's no need to hire a full-time security staff. Depending on how much you want to spend on programs and tools that deal with log files, you can opt to prevent unauthorized downloading of certain files, remove suspicious accounts, block designated IP addresses, completely shut down problem computer terminals and more.

Reducing Redundancy
It's common for top personnel in cyber management to feel overworked when they're responsible for vast databases. One of the primary benefits of a program that manages logged data is redundancy reduction. Typical computer systems in large organizations tend to duplicate their efforts, primarily in terms of storing certain types of files and records. A capable logging system can automatically eliminate huge amounts of redundant records. That means executives have less of a chore when viewing important files because they only see each set of information once.


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