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BizReport : Advertising : February 28, 2020

Expert: How RCS messaging can engage consumers

According to data out from Sinch Engage nearly half of consumers have at least 50 unread email messages and about 10% have over 100 unread emails. But, only about 4% of consumers say they have these kinds of numbers of mobile messages. Which is why, according to one expert, brands need to invest in RCS messaging.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: How is RCS messaging different from other messaging formats?

Matt Ramerman, Sinch Engage: RCS is proving to be a significant paradigm shift for how marketers interact with their customers on a direct-to-consumer basis -- not only will RCS deliver "app like" features and experiences for customers, it will usher in a new era of "two-way" or "conversational commerce." This dramatic change will force direct marketers to evolve from a strategy of simply pushing content to a target audience and measuring an outcome -- to delivering experiences that create a multi-dimensional dialogue with the customer, inviting them to go deeper through two-way communication to explore the offer, if they so desire. In other words, RCS will provide an open channel for consumers to directly engage with brands proactively.

We like to describe RCS as "next-generation data carrier messaging." RCS brings to life the most popular communications channel in the world, SMS, turning every message into an enriching conversation.

Kristina: What are the benefits to this type of messaging?

Matt: RCS messaging benefits all parties involved. For starters, RCS will be transformative for businesses, redefining how marketers engage with their transcribers and enabling deeper interactions with customers. The universal challenge today is how to connect with customers. RCS provides brands with a much more powerful way to connect, making engagement effortless by facilitating two-way communication and the delivery of rich and interactive messaging.

RCS offers an app-like functionality that's customizable, eliminating the need to develop a costly and ineffective branded app.

Additionally, RCS enables a technical infrastructure where the enterprise can easily plug in other applications -- such as an AI chatbot or connect the customer to a call center to speak with a live person. Due to the ubiquity and high engagement rates of SMS, brands that employ RCS in order to deliver personalized and relevant content to their audiences can expect a high ROI.

RCS also benefits consumers. Ushering in a new era of two-way, conversational commerce, RCS provides customers the convenience of reaching brands in the same place where they reach their friends and family -- in their SMS inbox. Through deeper interaction via RCS, customers can gain trust in brands and strengthen loyalty.

Kristina: How can brands ensure they're building a strong RCS strategy while also staying on top of more traditional ad options?

Matt: While RCS will be transformative for businesses, marketers still want to be omnichannel and omnipresent, communicating to customers across all channels. Consumers value a wide array of message types from brands, including formats they have never experienced before -- and a strong marketing strategy takes into account and addresses customers' unmet needs. With omnichannel messaging, it is possible to fill voids in the customer experience.

The key for implementing an ad strategy that spans RCS messaging as well as more traditional ad options is data-driven personalization. A PWC consumer intelligence report found that 65% of consumers say a positive brand experience is more influential than great advertising. To achieve this, brands must use consumer preferences and data to communicate personalized information with customers at key points in time.

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