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BizReport : Internet Marketing 101 : November 21, 2019

MoonPod review: From Kickstarter campaign to mainstream ecommerce

Review of the new Space-age desgined furniture for the office.

by BizReport

by Lisa Gomez

Do you know what this world needs more of? Space-age furniture. We need to persuade Elon Musk to buy up Ikea or something. We had a whole generation that grew up on the zeerust of classic science fiction, all those furnishings in Stanley Kubrick movies and Blade Runner, and yet we haven't changed much about fundamental designs in furniture lately. We had a wave of that in the middle of the last century though, giving us the egg chair and waterbeds, all kinds of crazy contraptions.

The problem with mid-century sci-fi is that it tried to use too much imagination too soon, resulting in this atomic-punk wasteland of an aesthetic that fits great on a vintage roadside car wash and nowhere else.

But we're actually getting into the real Space Age technology-wise now. We have our phones and tablets, where we can literally conference call and video chat on a flat-screen the size of a book. That only happened in science fiction before. We also have the talking hockey pucks in Amazon Alexa and these other virtual assistants, just like in Star Trek. Then we've replaced smoking with vaping, with these colorful rigs that look like something a Star Wars alien would be smoking. You get my point.

So it's about time geek culture embraced new design aesthetics outside of just information technology, and a good place to start is how we sit. Actually, it's how we sit, recline, lounge, and lie down because today we're talking about the Moon Pod, a giant gray jelly bean that you can tow around the house looking for a quiet nook from which to browse Twitter. It is Space Age Gray, so it goes with everything.

The chair's flexible shape lets it adapt to any relaxation purpose and posture, with most Moon Pod reviews talking about a relatively high level of comfort. Just plop on it and it changes shape to fit your preferred position. It's big enough that you can nap in it, yet flexes back into a tall blob that only takes up four square feet of space. Even though it's flexible and soft, it's also firm enough to support your delicate spinal curves and it snaps back into shape the moment your weight's off it, so you never have to worry about it getting wrinkled and unsightly.

Here's one benefit you don't often see mentioned: It's great for entertaining. It's a spare guest chair you can pop out of the closet, or even decent guest bedding when you have people over for the night. It's lightweight enough that you can slam it in the trunk and take it with you for AirBnB overnight stays. It's portable furniture for the mobile era.

We could use more designs like this. It's a shame that all that wanton experimentation with furniture designs stopped in the mid-20th-century, barring some arthouse showings. We could stand for a return to versatile designs that fit more than one purpose. Modern living, especially among the younger generation, just doesn't have a place for stately mansions with heavy, rigid oak furniture.

Here's another thing that goes perfect with the Moon Pod: The folding TV tray table. These have come back in style in the last few years, because again, people want small, simple, and efficient furniture designs that they can use while perusing Facebook. Get a few of these and you'll have an instant utility table in the laundry room, a spare surface to set utensils in the kitchen when you're cooking, a prop for your laptop, or a dining table for one as you lounge in a Moon Pod. Don't worry about stains; the cover comes off for easy laundry.

We're going to see a lot more designs like this in the future, at least if we know what's good for us. It's a new lifestyle out there, where we might hop cities for better career opportunities and don't want to lug around heavy stuff.


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