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BizReport : : November 28, 2019

How AI will change CX in 2020

Voice assistants, digital calendar and planning supplies, AI-driven data collection and measurement. These are just a few of the ways AI is currently being used, and according to one expert the new year will push AI into even more areas of our lives - including the customer experience. Here are 4 predictions on how AI will impact customer service in 2020.

by Kristina Knight

First, security will become a priority for CX

"It's time for CX leaders to stop looking at security as just an IT issue and make it a critical part of the overall customer experience purview in 2020. The consequences of data breaches directly impact customer loyalty, and given what's at stake, CX leaders will need to be invested in finding a solution to curtail the fallout and salvage customer confidence and trust. Taking a customer-centric approach to security will require a delicate balance between providing access to information and systems that enable agents to provide a great customer experience while still safeguarding customer data," said Ryan Lester, Senior Director of Customer Engagement Technologies, LogMeIn.

Second, voice AI will continue to be not-quite-ready

"The truth is that voice is far from where it needs to be before it's a reliable AI-based engagement tool, and 2020 will not be the year we reach that destination. Even some of the most advanced AI-based voice solutions are only right for certain applications, struggle outside of controlled environments and must overcome a higher level, or perhaps deeper depth, uncanny valley factor that comes with speech-based human-machine interaction. Voice will get better, we will find the right applications to deploy it and we will get used to using it, but for 2020, it's unready and narrow so don't put all your eggs in that basket just yet," said Lester.

Third, mobile will be less-app, more platform

"As mobile technology is evolving apps are losing their luster and becoming less of a channel for engagement. In 2020, a new standard for mobile native integration will emerge as brands opt instead to use platforms that already exist to create new digital experiences. In the post-app world, it's all about understanding new interfaces, channels and user behaviors to reach customers where they are and make it easier for them to access the information and content that they need," said Lester.

Fourth, bots get an upgrade...kind of

"In 2020, knowledge bases will finally get their moment in the sun. For too long businesses have neglected these critical vectors of information relegating them to second-rate status. But with the help of AI they can build robust knowledge bases that are thoughtfully organized and offer a concise solution to each potential question," said Lester. "2020 will be the year that single-purpose bots may find themselves on the chopping block. Bots will be increasingly reviewed based on their performance and common metrics - in the same way human agents are - and those that offer limited capabilities and can't scale across different tasks and responsibilities will find their days numbered. Instead, intelligent, scalable and multifaceted bots will be ready to take their place as organizations look to further augment and compliment the agent experience."

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