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BizReport : Internet Marketing 101 : November 05, 2019

B2B Marketing Trends For 2020

Business to Business marketing, or B2B Marketing, is one of the core marketing strategies used in today's market. It involves trade between businesses where one company buys products from other companies and resells them, or modifies them, then sells them on.

by BizReport

For businesses today, B2B has become an inevitable factor needed for success.
A good B2B marketing agency not only helps establish the business in the market but it also connects you with your consumers, it proves that you are an authority in that field.

However, over the years, B2B has experienced a gradual change in trends, a factor that doesn't seem about to change any time soon.

Below, we look into a few B2B Marketing trends that are bound to dominate in 2020.

1. Content Marketing
While content marketing is still a big hit today, 2020 is bound to take it to a new level. Influencers are working on coming up with alternate ways of passing on information about their brands.

By 2020, you should expect increased use of podcasts, video marketing, and even long-form content to generate website leads.

You can also expect more use of e-books, webinars and how-to videos from influencers. Using these platforms will help the influencers to gain authority in their respective fields.

There will, nonetheless, be a major concentration on visual media, meaning that video marketing will have the biggest impact on B2B marketing. This is because videos provide more clarity in messages conveyed and a higher engagement rate with consumers.

2. Increase Use of AI
As the world becomes a digital marketplace, your business's online presence has become a huge advantage. Online customer service is also rapidly improving thanks to the use of Artificial intelligence (AI).

In 2020, you should expect an increase in the use of AI and automation. One such change is the use of chatbots on websites.

Although the chatbots may not solve and address the complex problems, they'll still come in handy. The bots can not only improve lead generation, but also improve customer service delivery.

Leveraging automation will also be crucial, not only in reducing the workforce required but also in improving business performance.

3. Improved Email Marketing
Email marketing, for the better part of 2019, has been the most common means of communication for marketers and influencers. This is because it's very effective in lead generation.

This trend doesn't seem to be slowing down yet. In fact, in 2020, you should expect to see an improved and advanced way of handling this marketing method.

As the number of mobile users continues to increase, the emails in 2020 will need to be more mobile-friendly. Also, the email templates will be improved to suit your marketing trends and preference.

It's also likely that emails will be complemented by tools such as films and videos for customer engagement.

4. Growth of Influencer Marketing
The influencer revolution is slowly taking up the business marketing landscape, with 2020 expected to experience the biggest impact.

As the business continues to seek new consumers for their products, influencer marketing will be bound to improve drastically.

This trend is strongly backed by the psychological fact that people tend to purchase products recommended by trusted sources. This includes family, friends and even celebrities.

5. Better Ad Optimization
The use of ads for lead generation has been very useful for business. In 2020, this trend is not only expected to continue, but to improve precision.

Companies such as Google are coming up with new algorithms such as the smart bidding to allow ads to address the intended audience. This will help attract new customers and increase traffic to your sites.

B2B Marketing is certain to be a game-changer in 2020. It is therefore, the job of business marketers, influencers and all stakeholders to grasp these expected trends.

With rapid changes happening across the marketing world, you can't afford to ignore the trends.


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