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BizReport : Social Marketing : September 01, 2019

Reasons Why Brands Should Work with Influencers

If your company wants to work on branding your business, you don't want to miss the opportunity that influencer marketing brings to the table. This form of marketing has quickly emerged as a popular way to place more eyeballs on your company. An effective influencer marketing campaign can open up your brand to new customers and help create more sales.

by BizReport

Building Brand Awareness And Trust

Before a customer decides to do business with your company, they need to trust your brand. An influencer campaign can help facilitate the trust that's needed between your company and a potential customer. Whether you're just starting your brand or have been in the market for several years, you can achieve a good amount of leverage by partnering with an influencer. When an influencer promotes your product, it shows that they already trust your brand and are giving the green light for their fans to hop on board as well.

Assist With Content Creation

For any campaign to be successful, it has to have high-quality content that is valuable to the consumer. An influencer has the skills and experience to create this type of content and is already established with their chosen platform. An influencer can assist your brand by creating content that highlights your message, product or services. While you don't own the content that is created by an influencer, it acts as a conduit that creates engagement between you and individuals who are already engaged with the influencer.

Traffic Generation

While there are other effective methods that you can use when branding your business such as running Facebook or AdWords campaigns, it's important to test and utilize every method that you can to drive traffic. Depending on the size of the audience for an influencer, they can help drive a considerable amount of traffic your way. When you consider that some influencers have millions of followers, just one or two mentions of your brand can create the start of a relationship between your company and potential customers. Once you have their attention, it's up to you to keep it and build a stronger bond.

Helps By Improving Your SEO

Search engine optimization has become more sophisticated since its beginnings. Google places a higher emphasis on social media channels than it did in the past. When your brand is mentioned by a social influencer in a blog post that is linked back to your website, it's added into Google's ranking algorithm, which can aid in boosting your website search engine rankings.

Great Bang For Your Buck

When you compare influencer marketing to other types of traditional advertising, it gives you a great bang for your buck and is highly cost-effective. When you consider the long-term game and you have a strategy for turning potential customers into loyal followers of your company, there's considerable value in utilizing this type of marketing, especially if you are involved in a niche industry. Collaborating with a popular influencer can help generate several more sales and boost your ROI.

Brings Creativity

There are an enormous amount of influencers available on platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram who are constantly working at being creative so that they stand out above other competitors. This weekly or daily grind helps them become great at creating high-quality content. When you consider this factor combined with the experience that many influencers possess, you can see why they may bring a unique and fresh perspective to your company and can assist tremendously when you're working on branding your business.

Transparent And Authentic

One of the positive aspects of working with social influencers is that they must be transparent or they'll lose their following. It's no secret that the majority of millennials and other age groups have grown weary of traditional advertising. By branding your business with an influencer, you'll be using an individual who is authentic and transparent with their audience. They'll usually include a disclaimer with the content if they're being paid to promote a service or product. Several of them will only work with companies that they believe in and fit their niche.

When you have the opportunity to introduce new customers to your brand in a cost-effective, creative way, you can generate more traffic, build trust and build a loyal fan base of individuals who continue to purchase your products or services. This makes influencer marketing a great strategy to include when you are working on branding your business.


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