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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : July 26, 2019

Reports: Experience key to engagement

Two new reports are an indicator that brands need to be focused on the customer experience. According to researchers, connection and personalization are key for customer engagement, as if the quality of the ad environment.

by Kristina Knight

First, new data out from Gladly finds that brands continue to disconnect with consumers over connection. For example, their data shows that Gen Z reach out to brands' customer service about 10 times per year, more than either Gen X or Boomers, and that their using email (58%) and phones (56%) to get the information they need.
And, for brands that aren't meeting customer service expectations, 17% will lose customers after a single bad experience and 84% will lose customers after three bad customer experiences. Just what are consumers looking for in customer service?
"Consumers want the companies they buy from to know who they are and what they've purchase, so they don't have to spend time explaining their history all over again when they reach out with a question," write the report authors. Most consumers (62%), in fact, say they don't want to have to repeat their past purchases or information to brands during customer service experiences. The data further shows:
·         30% say a great experience starts with the brand being available of their preferred channel
·         75% are more likely to buy from brands that personalize recommendations
·         63% have switched brands because of poor customer service
Meanwhile, new data out from Integral Ad Science links where and how ads are viewed with consumers' reaction to the branded campaign. According to their data ads viewed in 'high quality' mobile environments had a 74% higher favorability rating with consumers than those viewed in low quality environments. What's more, consumers were 3x less likely to interact with brands whose ads run near 'unsavory' content. 
"This biometric research demonstrates that the quality of an ad's environment has a dramatic impact on how people react to that ad" said Tony Marlow, CMO at IAS. "People respond to the entire context of an ad impression rather than just a single component of it, and this generates a very strong and positive halo effect for ads that are seen in high-quality environments."
Other interesting findings from the Integral report include:

·         High Quality Content increased engagement up to 20%
·         High Quality Content increased memorability up to 30%
What makes a high quality environment? Primarily the quality of the content - meaning brands should at the type of content offered on sites and determine if that content reflects well on their business.

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