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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : May 21, 2019

Study: Page and content loads key to experience

New data out this month may seem like it's from 1999 because it's all about page and content load times. According to researchers, three keys to creating a positive customer experience online continue to be page load times, image/content load times, and simple link structures.

by Kristina Knight

Decibel has released there latest customer experience survey and for brands wanting to ensure customers have a good digital experience, the key could be in the past. Thats because page and content loading times continue to be a key factor in overall experience. According to the report 44% say page load times are key to their good digital experiences, 36% repot fast image/content load times are important, and simple/easy to find links are key for 34% of consumers.

This comes despite a new belief that personalized content, cool videos, and even virtual tours create better customer experience and engagement.

"While the data, on its surface, suggests that consumers may be willing to put up with a
frustrating experience, the reality is anything but. Just because consumers don't report
a bad CX, it does not mean they are complacent," write the report authors. "Digital experience does impact nearly three quarters of consumers' loyalty to a brand. Nearly a fifth (17%) say it impacts their brand loyalty a lot. Even if they love the brand, they will not put up with a bad website or app, and they will instead go elsewhere to shop. Moreover, nearly 60% say they'll stick with a brand's sub-par experience, but they will go elsewhere if they can get the same product at another vendor with a better website."

Another reason for brands to consider a "back to basics" approach? Most shoppers say they'll leave a site (96%) because of a bad experience - poorly placed ads, slow loading content, a lack of personalization. What else can make a shopper jump ship?

Most consumers surveyed (60%) say they'll go to a competitor site to buy products if that site simplifies how they find and buy products. What other reasons will cause shoppers to abandon a cart at Retailer A in favor of Merchant B? Just over one-thirds (36%) say ads blocking their content view will cause them to leave a site, along with slow page load times (31%), and slow image/content loads (30%).

But, what may be the most frustrating for brands is that fewer than 10% of consumers are telling retailers - even their favorite retailers - when they have a bad experience. Rather, they go to another site, leaving the retailer in the dark as to why carts are abandoned or customers are frustrated.

More data from the Decibel report can be accessed here.

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