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BizReport : Internet Marketing 101 : May 27, 2019

Interesting and Exciting Roles in Marketing

Marketing may be a single department in any business, but the complexity of that department is not often understood.

by BizReport

In fact, marketing teams can comprise of many different positions. Just take a look at companies like Google or InTouch Games who employ a variety of different marketing experts within their ranks. This is understandable when you consider the importance of marketing on business success. Different talents and skills will need to join forces to make sales. Here, we will uncover the interesting and exciting roles in marketing. Read on to learn more.

The SEO Specialist

Any business that doesn't have a website is missing a trick - and any business that has a website but not an SEO expert may as well be part of the latter group. Having a flashy website is great, but it is not great if nobody has seen it. An SEO expert will employ techniques and methods to make your website and its advertising material be found easier online. The end goal is to get your website on the first page of an online search engine and increase organic traffic to your products and services. The more eyeballs on your site the more sales you can make.

The Developer

Just like traffic and slow pedestrians, technical issues are a part of life. However, they are less destructive on businesses that have a developer at their disposal. These guys and girls can quickly solve technical issues and improve the speed and effectiveness of campaigns. Not only that, they can add unique and innovative visual touches to your digital materials. The unfortunate problem is that developers in big organisations are often overloaded with issues and they rarely get a chance to flex their creative muscles.

The Pay-Per-Click Specialist

Pay-per-click advertising is big business and can bring in many new customers and clients. These specialist are trained to produce effective online adverts and increase sales through this method of advertising. Many of these talented people also have a strong financial background to understand the effectiveness of PPC advertising. Sometimes a business will outsource this work but having a skilled member of the team in-house can be advantageous.

The Scientist

Don't worry, this person won't be taking Bunsen Burners and chemicals out of the cupboard, but they will be crunching numbers. A data scientist has never been more important in a marketing department. The introduction of new technology and big data has introduced these new roles to firms looking for success. Using a mass amount of information, they can make accurate predictions about your market and help you tailor campaigns that will succeed. Without a data scientist, you could easily make costly mistakes.

These are just some of the top marketing personnel required to market effectively and efficiently. You must also consider designers, managers watching over budgets and even copywriters that engage an audience. Without these different people coming together and working towards a shared goal, a marketing team is not the best it can be.


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